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Big Night Out

Live From a Michelin All-Star Dinner

Michelin’s All-Star dinners are a chance for Tablet Plus members to enjoy unique culinary events at the finest restaurants in the world. Below, our own Lucy Lieberman shares her experience from a recent dinner in Washington D.C.

Lost in Translation

How Not to Piss Off a Japanese Chef

Japan is a country where the people go to great lengths in the name of hospitality. But there are lines that can be crossed — especially in restaurants. Tokyo-based chef and food blogger Marc Matsumoto outlines the five rules you need to remember if you don’t want to run afoul of a Japanese chef.

The Anti-Trump

Ravi DeRossi’s New Brand of Protest

Ravi DeRossi has been described as the antithesis of Donald Trump for the mindful manner in which he’s opened his bars and restaurants in New York. With the opening of Coup, the description takes on a whole new meaning.