Rare Form

The Curious Case of the Restaurant Hotel

Hotel restaurants are commonplace. Restaurant hotels, however, are another thing entirely. They’re a rarity, arousing curiosity from anyone who makes food a focal point of their travels.

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes

Nature Adores a Freestanding Cubist Cabin Hotel

Nature abhors a vacuum, but it loves a picture window. These self-contained, geometric accommodations get you right up against the wilderness, putting the view above all else.

Hang In There

Clifftop Hotels of the Highest Quality

Sometimes you just want to see amazing hotels atop incredible cliffs, perched high above the water below. We’re happy to oblige.

Life Less Ordinary

It’s Not Unusual to Stay at Unusual Hotels

When we call a hotel “unusual” it’s our highest form of praise. It means there are no other hotels quite like it. It’s singular, and it stands above the status quo. That’s the kind of hotel we live for.

Get Your Flowers

Our Favorite Rooms With Floral Print Wallpaper

Counting flowers on the wall, that won’t bother you at all when you stay at these hotels with some of our favorite botanical-based wallpaper. Your mom will probably love them.


Twelve Hotels for Blowing Off Steam

When the real world gets too heavy, you could escape to a comfy chair on a quiet beach. Or, you could release all that stress via more aggressive means. These hotels are for the latter.