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Power to the People

Your Highest-Rated Hotels of the Year

A look back at the top-rated hotels of 2022, according to feedback from verified Tablet guests. That means this list is all about you. It’s a great responsibility.

Real Ones

Top-Rated Hotels of the Past Two Years

When things got real back in 2020, hotels needed to be nimble — they needed to adjust and adapt in extraordinary ways. According to you, these hotels understood the assignment. They are the highest-rated hotels since the pandemic began, based on actual feedback from verified Tablet guests.

Since We’ve Been Gone

The Most Exciting New Hotels of 2020

When COVID-19 grounded the travel industry earlier this year, we were in the process of adding a slew of terrific hotels to our selection. You might not be able to visit any of them for a while, but we figured you’d still like to see the ones we’re most excited about.

Endurance Test

The Highest-Rated Hotels of the Decade

The boutique hotel revolution that launched in earnest in the aughts all but exploded in the 2010s. There are now options to meet every taste and budget, and more competition for your stay than ever before. To be one of the best boutique hotels of this particular decade is something special indeed.

It Takes All Kinds

As we near the halfway point of 2019, it’s a good time to look at the hotels that have gotten us the most excited so far this year. Since January, we’ve added a crop of thrilling new hotels to the Tablet selection that are especially remarkable for their diversity and range of styles.

Breakout Season

These eleven new hotels are breaking new ground with their service and design, and they’re set to break out big in the coming year.