Half a World Away

R.E.M. Reveal Their Favorite Hotels in Europe

What do you do after being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame? You talk to Tablet, of course, and you tell us all of the most memorable European hotels you stayed in during your peak years of international touring.

Unique New York

The Most Interesting Hotels in Manhattan

Not the most expensive. Not the most iconic. Not the most well known. No, these Manhattan hotels have the most compelling combination of story, setting, and design — according to me.

Stilted Lover

Elevated Hotels That Won't Let You Down

There’s a lot to love about hotels on stilts. Unlike your past romantic partners, when your hotel room leaves you high and dry, it’ll leave you with nothing but positive memories.

O Pioneers!

Hotels Heavy With the Spirit of the Old West

Ghost towns and campgrounds. Homesteads and hot springs. Silver Screen legends and Gold Rush settlements. These hotels have American Old West vibes and frontier spirit.

Quiet Please

Terra Dominicata Makes a Few Demands

In the farmhouses of a 12th-century monastery, in the mountains of Spain’s Montsant Natural Park, one of the world’s greatest winery hotels strives for peace, silence, and the perfect Priorat.

Rare Form

The Curious Case of the Restaurant Hotel

Hotel restaurants are commonplace. Restaurant hotels, however, are another thing entirely. They’re a total rarity. And rarer still: restaurants with hotels good enough to be in our selection.

Blank Canvas

Works in Progress at Toile Blanche in Provence

Behind the walls of what appears to be — and certainly is — a classic farmhouse hotel in southern France, is something more: a place for artists to live, work, and exhibit, all courtesy of the Leroy Brothers.

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes

Nature Adores a Freestanding Cubist Cabin Hotel

Nature abhors a vacuum, but it loves a picture window. These self-contained, geometric accommodations get you right up against the wilderness, putting the view above all else.

Hang In There

Clifftop Hotels of the Highest Quality

Sometimes you just want to see amazing hotels atop incredible cliffs, perched high above the water below. We’re happy to oblige.

Make Way

Hawaii’s Iconic Kona Village Resort Has Returned

A little more than a decade after it was destroyed by a tsunami, Hawaii’s Kona Village has been rebuilt right where it had always been — amongst black lava and ocean blue on the Big Island.

Shangri La

Heaven on Earth and Hawaii's Best Hotels

First, a look at Doris Duke’s Shangri La in Hawaii. Then, a look at some of the best hotels the islands have to offer.

In the House

The Best Boutique Hotels in Brooklyn

The number of great hotels in New York’s outer boroughs lags behind Manhattan by quite a bit. With recent openings like Ace Hotel Brooklyn, that could be changing.

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