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Five for La Playa

A Mexican Beach Holiday with Tablet Plus

Margaritas, sailboats, dolphins — the beaches along the various coasts of Mexico aren’t a hard sell, so we won’t waste your time. We’ll just say that the only thing that improves on paradise is the perfect hotel to frame it.

Five for the Ages

Tablet Plus in the 17th Century

When a place survives 400 years and people are still clamoring to get on the grounds, it’s no coincidence. Sometimes it’s the building, sometimes it’s the architecture, sometimes the location just never went out of style. And sometimes, it’s a Tablet Plus hotel.

Five Aside the Seine

Tablet Plus on the Left Bank of Paris

The stereotype about Paris’ Left Bank — the six arrondissements south of the Seine — is that it’s where the city “learned to think.” Smaller than the Right Bank, it’s still remembered as the haunt of Picasso, Matisse, and Hemingway, where you can still enjoy the timeless Paris of old.

Five for Miami

Tablet Plus Takes Over South Beach

In Miami’s most iconic neighborhood, our five favorite Tablet Plus hotels can’t help but riff on the history of the place, building on the omnipresent Art Deco style with smart renovations and modern sensibilities.


Heat Check

When Tablet Plus and Michelin Stars Collide

In basketball, a heat check is when a player takes an extra-difficult shot in order to show off how ‘on fire’ they are. These nine hotels are the hospitality equivalent.

Five for the Islands

Tablet Plus Relaxes in Indonesia

When you think of Indonesia, the island nation that welcomes some millions each year, your thoughts may drift to scenes of raucous partying on an idyllic beach (especially if you’re picturing Bali). You’re not wrong. But there is another, more relaxing side.

Five for Tea

It's Tea Time in London for Tablet Plus

At five of our favorite Tablet Plus hotels in London, afternoon tea means menus packed with gourmet sandwiches, inventive, guilty pleasure cupcakes and the finest imported teas from around the world.

Five for Amalfi

Tablet Plus Hotels of the Amalfi Coast

The picturesque, cliff-hugging hotels of the Amalfi coast region are already some of the finest hotels in the world. These five hotels are made even finer by the fact that they’re Tablet Plus.


Five for the Family Business

The Family-Owned Hotels of Tablet Plus

When a hotel boasts that they’re family-owned, it guarantees a certain attention to detail, a certain personal touch.



The Boutique Hotels of Montreal

The advent of springtime in New York can feel like a revelation, but it’s nothing compared to what happens when Montréal, North America’s most European city, finally comes out of the annual deep freeze.