Travel Story Contest

How Did You Spend Your Summer Vacation?

Do you have a great travel story? Send it to us and you could win $300, a lifetime Tablet Plus membership, and a celebrated place in Tablet history.

Another summer vacation is in the books here in the Northern Hemisphere. Hopefully, you took advantage of the season and embarked on some epic travels. Hopefully, that resulted in some epic travel stories. Hopefully, the stories all have happy endings — but even if they don’t, we’d still love to hear them.

Regardless of which hemisphere you’re from, email your best travel story to We’ll pick our favorite, publish it for all to see, and give the winner a lifetime Tablet Plus membership and $300 to use on a stay at a Tablet hotel.

Stories must be submitted to by 11:59pm EST on Sunday, September 30. There are no restrictions on length or content — it can be as long or as short as you’d like, and take place in any of the four seasons. Just please remember to include your full name, where you’re from, a story title, and your email address. Must be 18 or older to enter.

Good luck!

Need a little inspiration? Read last year’s winning travel story: The Unlikely Frenchman by Katrina Turner.


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