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The Cave Hotels of Cappadocia

Cappadocia, Turkey is famous for “fairy chimneys,” its unique vertical rock formations, and for the general strangeness of its landscape. But around here the region is equally famous for what’s below ground level, and it’s one of the most delicious two-word phrases in the language: cave hotels.

Our tastes tend to change as we get older. But if we’re honest with ourselves, every one of us dreamt, as a child, of living in a cave. And there’s a place where your grown-up luxury-hotel-loving self can get back in touch with your swashbuckling, adventuring, cave-dwelling inner child. Cappadocia in Turkey is a wonderland of dramatic landscapes, and lucky for us, the local hoteliers decided to build their hotels right into them. Welcome to the wild world of Cappadocia cave hotels.


Argos in Cappadocia


Argos in Cappadocia - boutique hotel in Nevsehir

Once a monastery in the village of Uçhisar, now a boutique hotel, Argos in Cappadocia is where you go to escape from the modern world. The rooms themselves pack in as much contemporary comfort as a cave can reasonably handle; today’s luxury guests need not fear a total return to the Stone Age. Some have terraces, others private in-cave pools, and they manage to make subterranean living feel like the most natural thing in the world.

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Taskonaklar Hotel


Taskonaklar Rocky Palace - boutique hotel in Uçhisar

It’s a concept we first saw in Italy, but it’s no less compelling in Turkey: not just a building but an entire village, abandoned by its residents during hard times in the 20th century, rehabilitated and restored by an adventurous developer into a hotel that blends the best of the ancient and modern worlds. Taskonaklar — Rocky Palace takes the village of Uçhisar as its raw material and transforms it into the kind of immersive experience that stand-alone hotels can only dream about.

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Kayakapi Premium Caves


Kayakapi Premium Caves - boutique hotel in Ürgüp

It’s true; these really are some premium caves. Even in Cappadocia — which is pretty much the alpha and the omega when it comes to luxurious cave-dwelling — Kayakapi is a standout, 29 beautifully retrofitted rooms carved into the soft stone cliffs of Göreme National Park. Here a little elevation makes all the difference, and the views from the pool terrace and the suites’ private balconies are second to none.

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Museum Hotel


Museum Hotel - boutique hotel in Uchisar-Nevsehir

The Museum Hotel’s rooms are a monument to the region’s ancient cave dwellings, each one a restored, hyper-luxe version of Cappadocia’s original cave houses. And if you’re into antiques, this is your place. The owner’s vast collection — museum-certified tapestries, furniture, and other objets d’art from the Romans and Ottomans, among others — decorates the hotel, including the award-winning restaurant, which specializes in both classic and modern takes on the regional cuisine.

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Sacred House


Sacred House - boutique hotel in Ürgüp

The mansion now known as Sacred House is two and a half centuries old, and was for a time a Christian church, as the name may well have led you to guess. Inside are just ten rooms, each one unique, all of them in a style that it’s not entirely unfair to call “maximalist.” And though it was restored from near-ruin within living memory by its present owners, at times Sacred House feels authentically medieval — antiques abound, and bare stone walls go a long way in setting a mood.

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Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa


Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa - boutique hotel in Nevsehir

The resort isn’t actually inside a cave, not quite; it’s a massive stone structure, brilliantly glowing at night, that’s built into a hill in the village of Uchisar. But the décor takes partial inspiration from the dramatic curves and textures of Cappadocia’s famous grottoes: many of the guest rooms seem perpetually candlelit, with low arched doorways and rough, cavern-like stone walls. Suites contain extras like in-room jacuzzis and fireplaces; some even have huge round beds that add to the exotic atmosphere.

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The House Hotel


The House Hotel - boutique hotel in Ortahisar

Just off the main square of ancient, sleepy Ortahisar, the House Hotel occupies a clutch of stone homes and grotto-like caves carved from the malleable earth. There’s a fascinating contrast between the coarse austerity of the stone and the inviting goose-down bedding, and all the rooms enjoy inspiring views of the surrounding terrain. Speak to the concierge to arrange a hot-air balloon tour — it’s one of the best ways to see Cappadocia’s landscape.

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Hezen Cave Hotel


Hezen Cave Hotel - boutique hotel in Urgup

Rock houses climb hills in spectacular style, and the Hezen Cave Hotel shows what a contemporary designer can do with Ortahisar’s traditional architecture as a canvas. Imagine a modern European-style design hotel transplanted to a cave in the Cappadocia hills and you’re essentially there — were it not for the sandstone (and, to be fair, the pervasive silence), you might expect to find the streets of Istanbul awaiting outside.

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