Our Brand Could Be Your Life

The Declaration of Our Habitas Hotels

Finally, a hotel group for people who want to appreciate in every moment just how damn lucky we all are to be alive.


Twelve Hotels for Blowing Off Steam

When the real world gets too heavy, you could escape to a comfy chair on a quiet beach. Or, you could release all that stress via more aggressive means. These hotels are for the latter.


The Farmhouse Hotels of Southern Italy

Agricultural tourism is a major travel trend in Italy. Aiding in the appeal is the masseria, a type of farmhouse hotel found mostly in the country’s southern region of Puglia.

Elegantly Wasted

Nine Boutique Hotels With Boho-Chic Design

Our friends at Hotels Above Par have taken a look through the Tablet selection and picked out their favorite boho-chic hotels from destinations where the style truly sings.

On Location

9 of Our Favorite Cinematic Escapes

Movies can take you where you’ve never been. On the eve of the Oscars, we list nine classic films that made us most curious about the locations where they take place.

The Hard Way

Remote Hotels That Reward a Long Journey

It can require a long, complex journey to reach these far-flung hotels, but the fantastic landscapes and otherworldly ambience of their locations make the payoff immeasurable.