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Shangri La

Heaven on Earth and Hawaii's Best Hotels

First, a look at Doris Duke’s Shangri La in Hawaii. Then, a look at some of the best hotels the islands have to offer.

Eternal Affairs

Chapter Roma and the Sexiest Hotels in Rome

You can’t spell romance without Rome, and you shouldn’t have a Roman fling without having it at one of these hotels, starting with Chapter Roma.

Spice of Life

12 Different Kinds of Caribbean Hotel

There’s a certain sameness to many travelers’ vision of a proper Caribbean vacation: sun, sand, rinse, repeat. When it comes to hotels, though, there’s a surprising amount of variety to be found.

Paradise City

Take Yourself Down to the Ciudad de México

The grass is green. The gardens are pretty. Learn why your next trip should be to Mexico City (and the hotels you should stay in when you get there).

New Testament

12 Hotels That Tell the Story of the Greek Islands

Nearly 500 hotels have opened in the southern Aegean Sea since 2020. Here are some thoughts on that staggering fact — and some of our favorites.


The Farmhouse Hotels of Southern Italy

Agricultural tourism is a major travel trend in Italy. Aiding in the appeal is the masseria, a type of farmhouse hotel found mostly in the country’s southern region of Puglia.