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Carpe Diem

Amsterdam’s Hotels Won’t Waste Your Time

Never bland. Never boring. Never a dull moment at Amsterdam’s best boutique hotels. Life is short, and these places won’t waste a minute of it.

Secret Garden

Riad Sakkan Is a Piece of Paradise in Marrakech

The riad is nothing if not traditional. And if it’s tradition you’re after in Marrakech, you’ll find no shortage of options. Riad Sakkan, on the other hand, takes you down a different path.

No Worries

The Coolest Hotel Designs in Australia

When we talk about cool hotels, we’re not talking about hotels where the “cool” kids stay. We’re talking about places that make you say “oh wow, that’s cool!” when you see them. Sure, they might also be hip and trendy, but it’s more likely that their sheer unexpectedness is what really got your attention.

On Reserve

The Safari Hotels of South Africa

South Africa’s parks and private game reserves are not only filled with the country’s “Big Five” wild animals, they also boast some of the world’s most respected and remarkable safari hotels.

Western Promises

Pacific Coast Mexico Is the Truth

Mexico’s Pacific Coast stretches along the country’s southwest rim from Nayarit to Oaxaca. It’s a glorious collision of land and sea where you’ll find legendary beach destinations and boutique hotels that count among the most awe-inspiring in the world.


The Inherent Drama of the Desert Hotel

It’s ironic, isn’t it? Deserts are synonymous with emptiness, isolation, hostility. Yet some of the world’s most beautiful, most desirable hotels overlook its barren landscapes. There’s an inherent drama to all that nothingness.