It’s easier than ever before for a traveler to stay in an apartment or a house, but there are still some things hotels do better. And there are hotels that combine the comfort and character of a private residence with the service and consistency you can only get from a professional operation. Here are ten European hotels you’d be happy to call home.

Autor Rooms

Warsaw, Poland

Autor Rooms boutique hotel in Warsaw, Poland


Small but mighty at just four rooms, this converted townhouse — a collective effort by some of the city’s most relentlessly inventive designers, architects, and general-purpose creative types — will make you feel like a Warsaw native.

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Casa das Janelas com Vista

Lisbon, Portugal

Casa das Janelas com Vista Hotel boutique hotel in Lisbon, Portugal


If you speak some Portuguese you’ll be charmed by Casa das Janelas com Vista’s unpretentious name: who could say no to “the house of windows with views, located in the high neighborhood”?

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Rome, Italy

Casacau boutique hotel in Rome, Italy


Five fashionable apartments and a discreet and knowledgeable staff turn CasaCau from just another Roman hotel to the sort of place you’ll quickly come to consider a home away from home.

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Cora Apartments

Leipzig, Germany

Cora Apartments boutique hotel in Leipzig, Germany


Leipzig is, by some measures, Germany’s most livable city, which makes the idea of three stylish apartments in a 19th-century villa a tempting one — outfitted with everything from a full kitchen and a luxurious balcony to details like a Nespresso machine and free wi-fi.

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Ett Hem

Stockholm, Sweden

Ett Hem boutique hotel in Stockholm, Sweden


In the Nordic countries, the best hotels — and their guests — are devoted to a luxe, stylish sort of coziness, and an eclectic approach which makes use of mid-century modernism as just one element among many historical references.

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Gorki Apartments

Berlin, Germany

Gorki Apartments boutique hotel in Berlin, Germany


Built in a 19th-century residential building in Mitte, the charmingly oddball Gorki Apartments are just what the doctor ordered: a proper hipster hotel without any of the off-putting try-hardness that sinks many a similar effort.

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Karakoy Rooms

Istanbul, Turkey

Karakoy Rooms boutique hotel in Istanbul, Turkey


There’s not much to Karaköy Rooms aside from the accommodations, but we think you’ll agree that with rooms like these, it’s hard to imagine wanting more — and whatever you can’t find within the hotel, you’ll find within a few minutes’ walk.

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Nolinski Paris

Paris, France

Nolinski Paris boutique hotel in Paris, France


For all Nolinski’s refinement, the interior design has a lighthearted touch, and something of a “more is more” aesthetic: public spaces and guest rooms alike are filled with sculptures, mirrors, and paintings, unusual light fixtures, lively patterns, and bold splashes of color.

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Soprarno Suites

Florence, Italy

Soprarno Suites boutique hotel in Florence, Italy


Ten quiet, intimate suites right in the heart of Florence, a few minutes’ walk from the (not at all quiet) Ponte Vecchio, Soprarno Suites adds the convenience of a library, a record collection, and a shared kitchen space, resulting in a very stylish, very civilized residential-style hotel.

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The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone

London, England

The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone boutique hotel in London, England


The Zetter Townhouse Marylebone steers clear of the relentless opulence that’s come to dominate London’s high-end hotels; the entry-level rooms are attainably compact, though still subtly luxe, while the best suite spreads out over an entire floor, complete with an open-air bath on the roof terrace.

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