It’s perhaps unfortunate that there’s still work to be done, but the best hotels make business travel a pleasure, not a chore. The best business hotels are, almost by definition, among the most luxurious hotels as well, and these are ten of Europe’s absolute best.

Ararat Park Hyatt

Moscow, Russia

Ararat Park Hyatt boutique hotel in Moscow, Russia


The Park Hyatts of the world are among the finest luxury hotels there are, and when you combine that with Moscow — a city that’s not averse to a bit of extra opulence — you’re in for something truly special.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

D’Angleterre boutique hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark


Imagine a 250-year-old grand hotel that’s been meticulously preserved and provided with all the luxuries and amenities that a brand-new five-star would have, and you’ve got a remarkably complete picture of Copenhagen’s D’Angleterre.

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Grand Hotel du Palais Royal

Paris, France

Grand Hotel du Palais Royal boutique hotel in Paris, France


Not only does the Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal overlook the royal gardens, mere yards from the Louvre and the Tuileries, but it’s designed by none other than Pierre-Yves Rochon, for the last word in luxury hospitality design.

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Hotel Magna Pars Suite

Milan, Italy

Hotel Magna Pars Suite boutique hotel in Milan, Italy


Magna Pars Suites, a gleaming all-suite hotel on Via Forcella, is owned by Milan’s Martone family of perfumers, in a neighborhood defined by the local industries: design studios, architecture firms and fashion houses.

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Cosmo Hotel Berlin Mitte

Berlin, Germany

Cosmo Hotel Berlin Mitte boutique hotel in Berlin, Germany


The location, midway between the Potsdamer Platz and The Emblemplatz, is cosmopolitan — Mitte is Berlin’s central meeting point, and a hotel like the Cosmo appeals to a wide variety of guests, from adventurous sightseers to design-savvy business travelers.

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Park Hyatt Vienna

Vienna, Austria

Park Hyatt Vienna boutique hotel in Vienna, Austria


The Park Hyatt Vienna occupies a stately former bank building; this newly redeveloped corner of the city center’s pedestrianized historic district is now home to a few luxury-brand flagship stores, as well as this, possibly Vienna’s finest hotel.

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South Place Hotel

London, England

South Place Hotel boutique hotel in London, England


The City of London and its surroundings are no longer just where Londoners work — home to one of the world’s great financial centers — but increasingly where they drink and dance and dine as well.

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The Emblem Hotel

Prague, Czech Republic

The Emblem Hotel boutique hotel in Prague, Czech Republic


Like the best city hotels, the Emblem aims to make no sharp distinction between work and life — for most of us, five o’clock is no longer any kind of dividing line. The rooms, then, are equally devoted to form and function, which is just as it should be.

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The Thief

Oslo, Norway

The Thief boutique hotel in Oslo, Norway


Despite its humble name The Thief is rather on the upscale end of boutique hospitality — the in-room gadgetry is well chosen, and particular attention is paid (this being Norway) to the bedding and the warm wool slippers.

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Villa Kennedy

Frankfurt, Germany

The Peninsula boutique hotel in Frankfurt, Germany


Though it’s a high-end modern business hotel, like the other Rocco Forte hotels the Villa Kennedy is a high-end modern business hotel inhabiting a thoroughly renovated historic building — in this case a distinctly un-skyscraperish century-old villa south of the Main.

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