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A Timely Guide to Booking an Entire Hotel

There’s nothing particularly complicated about the concept: you buy out a hotel, and you and your circle get it nearly all to yourself. In an era where tight circles have become exclusive pods and exclusive pods have become entire social lives, booking the whole hotel has become an increasingly appealing option, no longer the sole purview of the wedding party or corporate retreat.

The most interesting part might just be the cost. In some cases, it’s justifiably high. But at others it’s far from prohibitive. In Tuscany, La Bandita offers their entire eight-room country house starting at $2,000 per night. At the Attwater in Newport, Rhode Island, twelve rooms can go for $3,600. And at Gold Diggers in L.A., five rooms and five suites run an estimated $3,700. If you’re starting to do division and counting your favorite friends on your fingers, you’re not alone.

“The demand for buyouts has increased since the pandemic,” confirms Nina Libby, whose Caldera House — an eight-suite luxury boutique in Jackson Hole where a buyout starts at $21,900/night — is the exact type of place where the concept thrives. These days, it’s not just the small size of Caldera House that’s perfect for a buyout. It’s the location. If there’s a corner of the world that makes its reputation on the appeal of the outdoors, it’s Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Many buyouts come from groups “that just want a destination with plenty of outdoor activities.”

It’s not only leisure escapes driving the trend; buyouts have seen their share of professional use. Rufus Wainwright took over the Paramour Estate in Los Angeles to orchestrate a socially distanced live album in the vast ballroom. In another part of town, Gold Diggers found itself an appealing option for film crews looking to quarantine during production.

“We’ve had a lot of families and friends doing micro-pods,” adds Emma Goodwin, co-owner of the Surfrider — an intimate boutique hotel on the Malibu coast that, like Caldera House, is perfectly set up for outdoor recreation. The Surfrider’s twenty rooms might be more than a micro-pod needs, but with a buyout, it’s just you and your pre-approved fellow guests whether you fill the entire hotel or not.

But obvious as the isolated perks of the buyout may be, the greatest benefit from a hospitality perspective might be the undivided attention of hotel staff. As we’ve reached out to hotels about the process, we’ve heard just how personalized food and beverage, activities, transportation options, and even in-room amenities can be when the full resources of a hotel are focused on the needs of a single group. It’s simple. “For buyouts, we are more involved in the planning process,” says Libby. A regular guest at the Caldera House gets a dedicated concierge assigned to their room. “So if a group books, they are getting our entire concierge team.”

Not to mention, hotels that usually leave their restaurants or other public spaces available to the public may close those spaces entirely or give the group an option to reserve them. The spa and gym at Caldera House are typically open to members. Buy them out and you can have them to yourself, at your preferred times, for exclusive use.

A hotel can only fulfill a buyout if no rooms are yet booked. If you’re interested in trying one this summer or even next winter, it’s never too soon to start exploring options. Below, find more information on all the aforementioned hotels as well as a small sample of additional Tablet properties that offer complete buyouts. The prices listed here are estimates, and may fluctuate based on number of guests, availability, season, and night minimums.

To book a hotel buyout, get further information, or inquire about a hotel not listed here, we encourage you to contact our Group Specialists at groups@tablethotels.com.

La Bandita

Siena, Italy: La Bandita

Eight stylish modern bedrooms in Tuscany located within the UNESCO-recognized region of Val d’Orcia. Until May 1st and after October 1st, buyouts are set at $2,000/night — the high season sees prices closer to $3,000/night. Email groups@tablethotels.com with any questions.

The Attwater

Newport, RI: The Attwater

Twelve rooms in this colorful, tasteful little b&b in the prototypical New England town. From $3,600 to $4,800/night. Email groups@tablethotels.com with any questions.

Gold Diggers

Los Angeles, CA: Gold Diggers

Five single rooms and five suites, along with a guest lounge with kitchenette, housekeeping and laundry services, and additional venue rentals (including sound stage, recording studios, and bar). From $3,700 to $4,200/night. Email groups@tablethotels.com with any questions.

Caldera House

Jackson Hole, WY: Caldera House

Eight faultlessly stylish rooms with access to all the outdoor activities of Jackson Hole (see more info above), and the total attention of the hotel’s concierge team. From $21,900/night. Note that some public spaces and the restaurant will remain open to the public, but dining may be arranged in-suite or elsewhere on the property. Email groups@tablethotels.com with any questions.

Paramour Estate

Los Angeles, CA: The Paramour Estate

A 1920s estate, home to some of the most unforgettably stylish spaces in Los Angeles, including six mansion rooms and three separate bungalows. From $25k/night. Email groups@tablethotels.com with any questions.


Malibu, CA: The Surfrider

The Surfrider, a 20-room boutique in Malibu a short drive from L.A., was already designed to feel something like your own personal California beach house. From $10k to $15k/night, outdoor activities are assisted by the hotel’s stock of surfboards, paddle boards, beach umbrellas and the like, as well as complimentary Mini Coopers and customized menus for meals. Onsite Covid testing is another amenity — available upon request. Email groups@tablethotels.com with any questions.


Hudson Valley, NY: Troutbeck

An estate that’s served as a city escape for well over a century, in its current form it’s a 36-room campus over 250 acres. A full buyout incurs an estate fee between $20,000 and $26,000 in addition to room fees, and entitles the group to exclusive use of any event venues and outside spaces. For a smaller group, Troutbeck’s two stand-alone homes, the Century Lodge and the Garden House (each with four bedrooms) are also available for exclusive rentals. Email groups@tablethotels.com with any questions.

Castel Fragsburg

South Tyrol, Italy: Castel Fragsburg

Occupying what may the most privileged position in this spectacularly beautiful corner of South Tyrol, here’s an elegant, 20-room hunting lodge that offers exclusive use for about $21,000 in the low season (November to May), and $22,300 during peak months. Email groups@tablethotels.com with any questions.