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Tell us the hotel you most want to visit, and we might help take you there.

A little while back we wrote about how so much of travel is the idea of travel: “the anticipation of what you will experience and the hope that it will live up to your imagination.” When you’re planning to go somewhere you’ve never been, you create a vision of that place in your mind, and you think about it a lot.

These days, we’re traveling in our minds even more often than usual — dreaming of our next getaway, and dreaming it extra-special to make up for all the time we’ve spent stuck in place. Let’s take those dreams out of the box and see how they look in the light, shall we?

We want to know which Tablet hotel you most want to visit once we can all travel safely again, and why.

In the comment box below, include a link to the hotel’s profile page on Tablet and a few sentences about why you chose it. We’ll pick the ten most interesting and inspired answers and give each of the winners a $50 Tablet credit and a complimentary year of Tablet Plus.

We’ve even created a fun way to help you get started! Our brand new Take Me Away machine lets you choose exactly what you want from a getaway, and then shows you the hotels that can take you there. Try it out:

Take Me Away

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Tell us the hotel you most want to visit, and you could win a $50 Tablet credit and a year of Tablet Plus. Entries must be submitted in the comments box below by 11:59pm ET on June 8, 2020.

1.) The hotel must be featured on Tablet.
2.) Your entry must include the URL of the hotel’s Tablet profile page.
3.) You must include a brief explanation (2-4 sentences) of why you chose the hotel.
4.) There is a maximum of two hotel entries per person, whether submitted together or separately.

The individuality of both the explanation and the chosen hotel will be the criteria used to determine the winners. We’ll publish the ten winning entries in the Agenda, our online magazine. The remaining entries will be published in the comments section of this page. Until then, no entries will be made public or appear on this page.

We want to know your true dream hotel, so there is a maximum of two hotel entries per person, whether submitted together or separately. Anyone who submits more than two total hotel entries will not be considered.

The $50 credit must be used on Tablet. Existing Tablet Plus members who win would receive a year-long extension to their membership. If you have any questions, please contact cs@tablethotels.com.

Thank you and good luck!


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