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A little while back we wrote about how so much of travel is the idea of travel: “the anticipation of what you will experience and the hope that it will live up to your imagination.” When you’re planning to go somewhere you’ve never been, you create a vision of that place in your mind, and you think about it a lot.

These days, we’re traveling in our minds even more often than usual — dreaming of our next getaway, and dreaming it extra-special to make up for all the time we’ve spent stuck in place. Let’s take those dreams out of the box and see how they look in the light, shall we?

We want to know which Tablet hotel you most want to visit once we can all travel safely again, and why.

In the comment box below, include a link to the hotel’s profile page on Tablet and a few sentences about why you chose it. We’ll pick the ten most interesting and inspired answers and give each of the winners a $50 Tablet credit and a complimentary year of Tablet Plus.

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Tell us the hotel you most want to visit, and you could win a $50 Tablet credit and a year of Tablet Plus. Entries must be submitted in the comments box below by 11:59pm ET on June 8, 2020.

1.) The hotel must be featured on Tablet.
2.) Your entry must include the URL of the hotel’s Tablet profile page.
3.) You must include a brief explanation (2-4 sentences) of why you chose the hotel.
4.) There is a maximum of two hotel entries per person, whether submitted together or separately.

The individuality of both the explanation and the chosen hotel will be the criteria used to determine the winners. We’ll publish the ten winning entries in the Agenda, our online magazine. The remaining entries will be published in the comments section of this page. Until then, no entries will be made public or appear on this page.

We want to know your true dream hotel, so there is a maximum of two hotel entries per person, whether submitted together or separately. Anyone who submits more than two total hotel entries will not be considered.

The $50 credit must be used on Tablet. Existing Tablet Plus members who win would receive a year-long extension to their membership. If you have any questions, please contact cs@tablethotels.com.

Thank you and good luck!


  1. I visited Naoshima years ago and was absolutely blown away by both the island and the attention of the island’s caregivers to what can only be considered a magical place. Benesse House is the only hotel on the island associated with the Benesse Art Site on Naoshima and is essentially a piece of art in its own right. I have been dreaming of a return trip – it’s IMPOSSIBLE to book a room at this place.

  2. https://www.tablethotels.com/en/venice-hotels/metropole-hotel-venice?arrDate=2020-07-16&depDate=2020-07-17&nA=1&nC=0&nR=1&hotelId=1763&pid=5972&language=en
    Our hotel is the Metrolpole in Venice. 5 years ago my wife and I didn’t want to go to Venice but went anyway for a few days, expecting it to be tacky, overdone, and expecting to regret it. Venice was the most spectacular place we have ever been (even compared to my 12-year-old self’s impression of Disneyworld). If and when we get back to Italy it will be Venice, with our children who are old enough to appreciate. We said we would go back when we can take the kids and not before then. Since our trip 5 years ago, not a day has gone by that has not included a memory of our day in paradise, and hopes that we can experience it with our children. We pray it is not too long.

  3. I’d most love to visit the Esiweni Luxury Safari Lodge in South Africa. After high school, my two childhood best friends and I had a two-week safari trip to Africa planned where we would celebrate the beginning of new chapters before we all went to separate colleges. Over the years, there have been lots of things that have prevented us from taking this trip: engagements, job relocations, growing families, etc.. While we’ve since graduated from planning budget-friendly stays in hostels, South Africa remains a dream destination.

  4. I would love to stay at the beautiful Hotel Joaquin in sunny Laguna Beach, California 🏖


    Is there a better way to recharge your batteries after this everlasting lockdown than staying at this chic boutique hotel – preferrably in a room with a soaking tub overlooking the Pacific ocean?

    A perfect day would start with a swim in the outdoor pool and a delicious breakfast burrito at Saline. Borrow one of the hotel bikes to visit the local food market for lunch then chill out on the beach in the afternoon with a good book… I simply can’t wait to visit it!

  5. The hotel I’d most like to visit again is the Freehand Hotel in New York. I live right down the block from it, and it’s become one of my favorite haunts, a place where I take out of town guests to brunch, grab a coffee on my way to work or meet up with friends for cocktails. With staycations looking more likely for the foreseeable future, I’m imagining a weekend spent secreted away in one of its hip, shoebox-sized rooms, leaving only to grab a tiki cocktail on the rooftop bar or pristine ravioli at Simon & the Whale.


  6. Hi Tablet,

    I miss you and your perfectly curated hotels!

    The one I’m most anxious to visit is Riad De Tarabel, because, I already have a plan to visit it! My husband and I love to travel with my best friend, Mariel, and her husband. We’ve recently visited Japan and Peru together, just to name a few. It’s funny because we all live in NYC, but seem to see each other most often when we’re in foreign countries.

    Anyway, earlier this year we booked flights for a Spain & Morocco trip in October and had our eye on Riad De Tarabel for Marrakech. This trip was going to be a special one, because it is likely to be our last trip together as just couples. Mariel and her husband are trying to get pregnant!

    Enter coronavirus, and now we are not so sure if and when we’ll all be able to travel again. But most of all I just want to see my friends and spend time together, whether in a luxurious Moroccan riad, or our one-bedroom apartment in Queens. I’ll take what I can get. : )


  7. I’d love not only to travel again after this Corona crisis, but also experience the romantic time-travel-like atmosphere of the Belle Époque in hôtel Providence Paris again. The luxurious shower gel we received as a member of Tablet Plus, with the same scent as the one in the hotel, has taken me back to Paris for several weeks after my stay… I need a refill! (of Paris, and maybe the shower gel).


  8. I would like to visit the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York because it provides a timeless luxury experience and has one of the coolest perks going…..a key to the private neighborhood park that is nearby.

  9. https://www.tablethotels.com/en/oban-hotels/perle-oban-hotel
    whats more romantic than “The mist of May is in the gloamin’, and all the clouds are holdin’ still” .
    The primitive backdrop of the highlands with its unspoiled solitude paired with a perfectly appointed quiet contemporary hotel.
    Close your eyes and perhaps you will see Brigadoon rising from the mist……

  10. Two hotels we would love to revisit are Ett Hem and Blique, both in Stockholm. Stockholm is a wonderful city, our new favourite. Plenty of woods for running or walking. Great shops, including bakeries,, bookstores, and outdoor clothing shops; a lesser-known tennis tournament in the fall. These two hotels are spectacular– city hotels with saunas, gardens, excellent food. Ett Hem, in particular is the little secret of designers the world over and yet so unpretentious. Blique, I think is another Nobis property, hidden away amid commercial buildings but a real oasis. That’s our submission for “Take Me Away”! Roger and Rozanne Stein

  11. Long have I dreamed of the ultimate mother-daughter getaway to this marvelous and magnificent hotel, perfect for two oenophiles in search of a flawless glass of wine. I had planned a trip to the Auberge du Soleil many years ago as a Christmas gift for myself and my best friend+Mum Kathy to visit, due to extenuating circumstances we were never able to enjoy the trip. To get to visit Auberge du Soleil in Napa Valley would finally fill our dream of adventuring through wine country together as mother-daughter, travel buddies, and of course best friends.

    Hotel link: https://aubergeresorts.com/aubergedusoleil/

  12. Imagine stepping into a world unlike any other you’ve ever seen, that was my experience when I traveled across the pond to move to (and “study”) in London. Prior to my studies beginning, my mother Kathy and I chose to arrive two weeks early to take in London before I settled into my flat. Low and behold we found ourself at one of our favorite hotels in the world, the One Aldwych. The perfect amalgamation of classic British charm and modern flair, I dream daily of returning to London and the One Aldwych with my Mum and best friend for afternoon tea and to continue our adventures through our favorite city in the world, London.

    Hotel link: https://www.onealdwych.com/?utm_source=mybusiness&utm_medium=organic

  13. My choice for the Take me Away would be the Blue Palace in Crete, Greece. I stayed there in 2011 and it was a magical place. It was immensely relaxing, the staff was incredible and the local area was a delight to explore. I went alone on the first trip and would like to return with company to enjoy. I stayed in an incredible suite on the hill that had a private pool and waterfall. The room attendants would deliver a delicious continental breakfast with local fruit and honey every morning and light candles around the pool every evening. The seating is peaceful and and the bay/swim area is there for all manor of waterspouts or just floating in the wonderfully buoyant Aegean Sea. The spa although not overly luxurious was relaxing, spotless and treatments were wonderful. I dream of returning one day.


  14. https://myroost.com/philadelphia/rittenhouse/

    As a family historian, the distinguished name “Rittenhouse” -David Rittenhouse – brings
    a thoughtful perspective to my research. And staying at The Roost Rittenhouse, with its intimate quiet environment, but in close proximity to all that is America, I’m off and running on the trail of what is the joy of never ending research!

  15. Sometimes we don’t pick the place or the hotel it picks us. I was scheduled to go to Croatia this summer for a women’s conference, postponed to 2021 because of the pandemic. It’s been 13 years since I’ve visited Croatia and I was beyond excited to go. The Take Me Away machine took me to Dubrovnik, Croatia – Hotel Excelsior.

  16. https://surfing-waves.com/atlas/europe/portugal.html

    My wife and I have never been to Portugal and have always wanted to! I surf and she does when we’re in exotic locations, we love the beach but where we live the beaches aren’t great for watersports or relaxing; more fishing and shipping routes it feels. We’d love to explore this part of the world and perhaps take an outdoor shower for the first time ever! We love architecture and modern aesthetics, this hotel looks AMAZING.

  17. I would choose Jade Mountain in St Lucia. I’ve been wanting to visit St Lucia for so long and this hotel defines the island and I would love to surprise my husband with an anniversary trip here as we spent mo the living in different countries as a result to coronovirus and our trip to Greece back to where we got married that would have over our anniversary got cancelled for the same reason. Spending quality time in a magical hotel like this on an island that allows us to connect to nature as well would just be so good for the soul. Although I do think al frontline workers fees we’ve this so much more.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  18. Ten Bompas, Johannesburg https://www.tablethotels.com/en/johannesburg-hotels/ten-bompas?depDate=2020-07-18&nA=1&arrDate=2020-07-17&nR=1&nC=0&hotelId=4342&pid=364&language=en

    I had one of the best hospitality experiences at that hotel. It was my first time in South Africa and my stay at the Ten Bompas hotel made my journey even more memorable. From the staff who will cater to all your needs, to the restaurant which offered some of the best dishes I had in my live to the amenities, including a modern pool, I was blown away. Johannesburg is a beautiful city with friendly people and the Ten Bompas gave me a great taste of South African hospitality.

  19. I belong to a book club, whose membership began as a means to continue to enjoy and socialize with, women who frequented a great fitness studio. These ladies are remarkable, talented, and possess a quick wit and I enjoy them immensely. We’ve seen each other through some highs and lows throughout the years, and I’m honoured to call them friends.

    Now, our group chat has taken on new meaning in quarantine. Lately, we’ve been discussing a lot more than our next book – music, insights, funny stories about being contained and imaginary vacation destinations, as means of escape.

    I sent along this FT link on Capri and that started a fun exchange on a trip to Capri for our next book club. I mentioned JK would have to be our destination (it’s modern, boutique chic-perfetto), and how incredibly wonderful it would be to be sipping limoncello, while discussing a great book like, “My Brilliant Friend” by the pool.

    Well, stranger things have happened and are currently happening, so why not wish for good health as well as adventure and see if we get lucky!




  20. Hotel Alta Las Palomas, San José, Costa Rica.

    Hotel Alta means escape to me, in many ways. Nicely nested on the hill top, dominating the wide valley, surrounded by old trees; the journey starts at the reception with generous smiles, then goes on contemplating the elevated architecture, before a scenic view from the room, it reaches climax with best in town gourmet food and ends up with a fiery sunset on the balcony. The Hotel Alta is the perfect escape to travel in your imagination.

  21. https://www.tablethotels.com/en/greenough-hotels/resort-at-paws-up

    We’ve been cooped up inside our homes for months.. Ive been dreaming of a getaway where I can immerse myself in the deep wilderness without sacrificing comfort and luxury. An experience at Paws looks to be the perfect day of adventure during the day, unwinding at night with a warm bath, and falling asleep to the whistling of the forest trees. No better way to get away from COVID than forest bathing!

  22. https://www.tablethotels.com/en/saint-nicolas-de-veroce-hotels/larmancette

    Some say planning a vacation brings just as much or even more joy than the vacation. Just in time for winter, I’m dreaming of a an extra special ski vacation to get away from it all. Larmancette is a much needed present for my soul and sanity. I can’t think of a better day than to glide through the majestic Alps during the day and to conclude each evening unwinding in the hot tub with a view of the Alps that I conquered during the day. Satisfaction and relaxation!

  23. We spent 3 idyllic nights at Borgo Canonica in June 2018 and we have been hoping to return ever since. We were captivated by the charm of the white washed trulli houses surrounded by hills of olive trees, and still long for the incredible relaxation and magical atmosphere, the magnificent restaurant and welcoming staff. The timing of our visit was just a few weeks after my father died half way across the world. The beauty, simplicity and warmth of Borgo Canonica was exactly what my body and soul needed; so it is no wonder that I dream of returning.


  24. After binge watching Ozark, Tiger King, The Crown, and House of Cards, I finally found a tv series that left me in a happy mood, The Durrells of Corfu. Dreaming of Greece now fills my days and I anticipate each night the next episode. Being in quarantine for a few months has changed me into a person who wants to enjoy the simple life at Anemi Hotel on Folegandros. With its clean lines and spacious layout, Anemi Hotel beckons me to drink in its tranquility, rescue me from isolation, but not shock me back into the real world of hustle and bustle.

  25. Alma Historica Boutique Hotel

    This is strange, and it could be a symptom of the stay-at-home situation here in New York City, but over the past few weeks I’ve had three entirely different quarantine dreams about being in Montevideo, a city I’ve never visited (I’ve only been as close as Buenos Aires). In all three dreams, my wife and I were exploring, drinking, driving (!), and generally soaking in a city I’ve never seen in person.

    Maybe it’s the shutdown talking, but when this is over, I need to visit Montevideo before visiting anyplace else, and I need to base myself in the beautiful Alma Hotel.

  26. I would want to visit HOTEL HOSPES MARICEL & SPA https://www.tablethotels.com/en/majorca-hotels/hotel-hospes-maricel-spa. I love Spain, the culture, the food the sights! After being on in virtual meetings for so long to be in such a beautiful place will revitalize my creativity. The Second place would be 99 SURF LODGE https://www.tablethotels.com/en/popoyo-hotels/99-surf-lodge?lang=en&nA=1&nC=0&depDate=2020-07-24&query=99%2BSurf%2BLodge&arrDate=2020-07-23&nR=1&hotelId=119133&pid=8659&language=en. I love surfing with my family and this place looks like the perfect getaway, relaxing and situated right on Popoyo, a legendary surf beach.

  27. https://www.tablethotels.com/en/paris-hotels/hotel-fabric-paris?query=paris&arrDate=2020-07-23&depDate=2020-07-24&nA=1&nC=0&nR=1&lang=en&hotelId=117441&pid=7093&language=en

    I want to stay at hotel fabric in Paris. stuck here in New York (as wonderful as New York is) I find myself aching to throw open their chic curtains embroidered with cute little birds and lovingly place a “new” vintage outfit purchased from my favorite stall at les puces in the wonderfully inventive packing crate wardrobe, then head out to my favorite bar, les deux amis, which is conveniently right around the corner. I miss Paris.

  28. 1) ETT HEM in Stockholm, because I only stayed there for one night and immediately wanted to come back for longer sometime. And then the current crisis makes it seem very faraway. So when it’s back, I want to be too.

    2) SAVOIA EXCELSIOR PALACE in Trieste because I have never been to Trieste and if it’s a Tablet hotel, I am sure it’d be great

  29. https://www.tablethotels.com/en/jaipur-hotels/the-oberoi-rajvilas

    The Oberoi Rajvilas – Jaipur India. . . Years ago before I was as seasoned and discerning a traveler as I am now, I found my way to the magical city of Jaipur, traveling solo and decided to splurge at the Rajvilas, -possibly the finest hotel I’ve ever been to. I spent days in an luxury tent, which I really could’t afford, but was so delightful and amazing, I couldn’t leave. I decided I loved the maharaja outfits worn by the staff so I asked if a tailer might visit me. When he did, he asked what I wanted and i said, “An outfit just like the people who work here!” . . he made me one and not knowing what to do, I put it on and walked the property. The owner Vikram Oberoi happened to be visiting the property and he heard about this young American who was so taken by their outfits that he got one. I ended up having dinner with Vikram and it was one of my most memorable travel adventures. I long to return. (I probably could dig up pictures from the trip of Vikram and I!)


    Last year I traveled to Portugal, solo, and while I was scheduled to spend the second half of my trip on Morocco, I decided instead last minute, to rent a car and just explore around the country. While in Lisbon, I fell in love with these Portuguese wool blankets that I learned were made in the mountains. I decided to go to the mountains, and discovered that the company which makes the blankets, Burel, also owns the hotel. The hotel was very much off the beaten track, but it was magnificently beautiful. I stayed in the Panoramic Suite which was amazing. The most memorable part of it though, was spending time with the founder of the Burel Factory and learning all about the wool. . I have amazing pictures and video from those days It was totally unexpected and sublime. I must go back, it was magical.

  30. GeeJam delivers soul and understated luxury in an underrated and mercifully genuine corner of Jamaica. The onsite recording studio and legends of the big names that have created iconic music on the premises add to the feeling that you are part of something bigger than yourself when you stay there. The bungalows dotting the hillside give glimpses of the ocean below and smells of jerk chicken being cooked by locals in the village waft around like heavenly perfume. Adios coronavirus, I can’t wait to go back to GeeJam!


  31. Hotel S/O Berlin Das Stue

    From its secluded location in the Tiergarten to its incredible architecture and design, there couldn’t have been a better place to spend our honeymoon. Greeted by a beautiful room with roses on the bed and chocolate covered strawberries and champagne on the bed, our stay was off to a beautiful start. An incredible morning breakfast and late night drinks at the bar made this a perfect place to start and end some long days of exploring Berlin. Plus a balcony overlooking the beautiful white horses in the zoo made the place that much more magical.

  32. https://www.tablethotels.com/en/udaipur-hotels/taj-lake-palace?depDate=2020-07-25&nA=1&arrDate=2020-07-24&nR=1&nC=0&hotelId=4267&pid=6144&language=en

    The hotel I am dreaming of visiting is the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur. In search for peace of mind and tranquility I would like to do Yoga on the roof top of the hotel in the middle of the lake during sunrise. The Covid crisis prevented us from travelling there this year but I am committed to live my dream of visiting this magic place I am dreaming of since my childhood when I saw photos of my parents friends who visited there in the seventies!

  33. Oddly, noiwthstanding the forced solitude within my own house, and notwithstanding my desire for some form of human interaction, my thoughts stray to the most secluded places I can imagine. Like where will I go when the restrictions lift and I have the wherewithal to take on hours of travel? Mostly I think about getting back to nature—unspoiled, pristine, noisy in its own natural way, verdant and isolated. As close to pure as the early days. That means an island. That means a piece of rock jutting out of thousands of square miles of water. That means a lush rain forest with plenty of room for exploration and a place to take it all in at the end of adventure-driven days. That means Dominica and the Secret Bay resort. https://www.tablethotels.com/en/portsmouth-hotels/secret-bay

  34. https://www.tablethotels.com/en/waiheke-island-hotels/the-oyster-inn?query=New%2BZealand&arrDate=2020-07-27&depDate=2020-07-28&nA=1&nC=0&nR=1&lang=en&location_id=329&hotelId=117146&pid=7086&language=en

    Oyster Inn, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

    I live in London now, and I love it, but it will never be home-home. I am a fiercely patriotic Kiwi. I feel the Oyster Inn (and Waiheke Island in general) is just so reflective of modern New Zealand – naturally beautiful, g(local) in its feel, but full of dynamic, entrepreneurial hospitality operators doing awesome things.

  35. About two years ago my husband and I spent a few slow, dreamlike days at Maison Couturier, which turned out to inspire an ongoing personal project of mine. The choice was a total departure from our usual travel agenda to plan days full to the brim, and the change of pace served us well. Lately I’ve found myself craving a similar full pause – hopefully one that brings some creative clarity and reflexion as we learn to navigate these new times. If nothing else, don’t a few slow days of sipping mezcal negronis and watching the rain fall on the Veracruz tropics sound nice right about now?


  36. https://www.tablethotels.com/en/tulum-hotels/nomade-tulum?query=nomade%2Btulum&arrDate=2020-08-08&depDate=2020-08-09&nA=1&nC=0&nR=1&lang=en&hotelId=118508&pid=8253&language=en


    I long to return to the Nomade Tulum, a true escape and refuge away from the day to day, a true dream destination that will transport you into a total state of relaxation and bliss. The feel of the powder white sand between my toes, the ocean breeze and the hotels attention to detail in every way provides a holistic and serene sanctuary. Ahhhh….

  37. Take me away to L’Otel in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico ! On a quiet street in a beautiful city there is a guest lodge with only 4 rooms, each perfection.
    We have been thinking about their breakfasts ever since we, reluctantly, left. Each dish was individually prepared for us by charming members of the staff. Huevos Rancheros with salsa verde, Chilie verde con queso and everything fresh and beautiful. Our room had surprise pastries and chocolates for us every evening. There was a sunny rooftop patio with a view of the lovely city, and the sound of church bells. Great food, great shopping, crafts, art, historic tours add to the fun. I can’t think of a better place to stay.

  38. Earlier this year, I decided I would quit my job in a year and travel the world in 2021, after this quarantine, I am convinced I need to make this a reality. What a better place to start this journey that in an isolated place like Benesse House in Japan? I can’t wait to experience staying in a hotel that has enough art to be a museum, those places I have been missing so much. Enjoying this architecture feat in the middle of an island is a dream that will be the head start to explore the world alone but not isolated, surrounded by art and creativity. https://www.tablethotels.com/en/kagawa-hotels/benesse-house

  39. I went to Oaxaca for the first time, following the route a former lover made for me. He told me the places I should eat at or visit, he even recommended some hotels. It was the best guide for a newbie to Oaxaca. After the pandemic, I want to go back and the first thing on my list, is the Hotel Azul de Oaxaca, a place that combines Mexican design by Toledo and other artists with the architecture by Hector Esrawe. I want to feel something different this time, something mine, a list made for me by me. https://www.tablethotels.com/en/oaxaca-hotels/hotel-azul-de-oaxaca

  40. I’m a college student with a volleyball scholarship, my college will participate in a tournament in Oaxaca in November, but this event has not been confirmed since Mexico is still high in the pandemic course. I try to stay positive and think that this will not be canceled, that I will travel there and stay in the Hotel Escondido Oaxaca, enjoying restful and quiet nights, with delicious Oaxacan chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, paying an occasional visit to Criollo (Enrique Olvera’s restaurant) and drinking mezcal. All of this, after winning the volleyball tournament, of course.

  41. As a cinephile, I look forward to movie theatres being open again, to the magic of the movies to transport us away from this pandemic. The San Sebastian Film Festival in September is the perfect comeback celebration and scape after this quarantine. Akelarre would be the restaurant to stay, to enjoy the festival while being delighted with the food of Pedro Subijana, and the luxury of relaxation in one of those soaking tubs with a beautiful ocean view, framed with modern architecture, just idyllic.

  42. Before the pandemic began, my best friend and I traveled to Oaxaca, and could not wait to go back and have more mezcal and mole. This time, we want to try the beach, when we can travel again, we will buy tickets to Puerto Escondido and we are looking forward to trying the Hotel Escondido, a secluded place walking distance from Casa Wabi, with the architecture that made us fall in love with Oaxaca City.

  43. My best friend and I had a lot of travel plans for this year, all postponed now. One of those plans is going to Puebla and stay at the Purificadora Hotel, part of the Habita Group we love. The beautiful architecture of this hotel in the middle of the colonial city, with its history and gastronomy, is the perfect place to bring us together after months of being forced to see us only by FaceTime.

  44. One of the things I have missed the most during this pandemic is to experience the relationship between food and the atmosphere of the moment, the kind of experience a good restaurant provides. The Antonello Colonna Resort & Spa would be my place to travel for. Eating at his Labico restaurant and staying there, admiring the conjunction of nature and architecture, sounds like a reason to enjoy another kind of isolation, a chosen one this time.

  45. SONOP in Namibia (www.tablethotels.com/en/namib-desert-hotels/sonop)

    When I visited Namibia in 2013, Sonop wasn’t there. Judging from the photos I’ve seen, it lives up to the dizzyingly fascinating and transportive country it’s set in, inhabited by friendly and guileless Africans with names like Hans, Alphaeus, Reynhold and Phineas. And Jacobina, Hildegard, Juliette & Krescentia (all names of actual people we met and befriended while there). The Herero women dress in Victorian ballgowns with multilayered petticoats underneath, topped with wrapped cloth headdresses reminiscent of cattle horns. They work alongside the Kunenes and Himbas, who smear on a mixture of butter, red soil and ashes and pair it with piles of silver bracelets around their necks, wrists and ankles. With a starched goat hide buttered into their hair. Sonop has a lot to live up to if it wants to be worthy of its country, but I’m betting it does!

  46. If I were a hotel, I’d like to think I could be Les Roches Rouges. We don’t seek perfection exactly (although her French, I’m sure, is much more perfect than mine), but we are optimists and look for opportunities to let the sunlight in; we find proximity to the sea restorative, almost as if our identities depended on it; we are youthful souls in twentieth century bodies; and we both quite agree that three bars are better than one. I think it’s time we meet.


  47. https://www.tablethotels.com/en/singapore-hotels/the-warehouse-hotel?query=Singapore&arrDate=2020-09-08&depDate=2020-09-11&nA=2&nC=0&nR=1&lang=en&location_id=325&hotelId=118668&pid=8530&language=en

    My significant other and I are in a long-distance relationship and have never taken a vacation together outside of North America. We have been talking about going to Singapore for months and want this to be the first place we are able to travel once the pandemic is over. The Warehouse Hotel seems like the perfect spot for us: modern decor that is minimal and suits our aesthetic; great food at their restaurant, Po (we are big foodies); and an overall calm vibe that would help us to have the dream vacation we need.


    Another place I would love to go is Copenhagen, and specifically Hotel Sanders. My significant other and I have never been to Europe together, and are eager to experience Scandinavian culture and lifestyle (and hopefully bring some back to America with us). We specifically enjoy staying at places that are boutique in size and style, and I feel that Hotel Sanders is the perfect spot! Also, we have Noma, one of the world’s top restaurants, on our bucket list, and this hotel is located in close proximity, allowing us to have an overall unforgettable and hassle-free experience.

  48. Dear team, first of all, my husband and I absolutely love Tablet Hotels. We’ve found it last February by coincidence and can’t wait to use it again soon for our upcoming holidays.

    The hotel we absolutely love and would love to stay in over and over again is Hotel Schwarzschmied in South Tyrol, Italy.

    Hidden away from bustling Bolzano and calmer Merano, this hotel is an oasis of peace and well-being, surrounded by vineyards and the occasional sound of a nearby church bell, that bring relaxation to another level. Their relaxing room is one of the best ones we’ve ever experienced, and the service level as well as culinary attention goes beyond our imagination. A morning yoga class followed by a swim in the swimming pool with breathtaking views across the vineyard are priceless. Just thinking back to our experience makes us dream and brings a smile on our faces.

    We’d love to get the chance to be their guests again.

    Katja & Réda

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