2018 Travel Story Runner Up - Deborah Lane

We recently asked to hear your most memorable travel stories. We received an incredible amount of wonderful and worthy submissions, and for that, we thank you. In fact, we received so many great stories that we’re publishing three runners-up before revealing the big winner. One of them is below. To see all of this year’s runners-up, click here.


by Deborah Lane


My name is Deborah Lane. I am a widow, I live on my farm. My mother Areta also lives with me. She was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and it terrified her, as a former nurse, being aware of what would be happening to herself. We spent this summer voyaging through time, to talk, remember, reminiscing over our commingled lives. We didn’t travel geographically. We travelled through time to distant shores, to Europe, to places we have lived and loved, laughed and cried. I wouldn’t have missed this journey for any amount of treasure.

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