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Celebrating the Diversity of American Hotels

The US is a large country, no two ways about it, and between its coasts it contains multitudinous modes of hospitality. In the spirit of the Fourth of July, we’re celebrating the best way we know how: by sharing a selection of singular hotels from across the thrillingly diverse American landscape. This land is your land, after all, and there’s every chance you’ll find your taste reflected in these hotels’ design or personality.

Dunton River Camp - boutique hotel in the Dolores
Dolores, Colorado
Dunton River Camp

Luxury camping enthusiasts may already have Dunton Hot Springs on their radar, and this summer-only side project only reinforces the idea with eight roomy, elevated tents situated on an erstwhile cattle ranch. It’s close enough to roughing it without, well, the roughness: fish and ride horses to your heart’s content, knowing you’ll be coming back to a plush king bed and en-suite bathroom at day’s end. Perhaps with an extended visit to the spa tent en route.

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Basecamp Tahoe South - boutique hotel in South Lake Tahoe
South Lake Tahoe, California
Basecamp Tahoe South

The renovated-motel trend has been in full swing for a few years now, and we’re not ones to complain; the nation’s mid-century motels have plenty of modernist personality to be proud of. Can’t complain about the beer garden or the rooftop hot tub, either, come to think of it, especially as a down-home counterpoint to some of Lake Tahoe’s upscale après-ski tendencies.

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Cambria Beach Lodge - boutique hotel in Cambria
Cambria, California
Cambria Beach Lodge

Cambria certainly isn’t a household name on the order of a Monterey or a Santa Barbara. This is one of the last unspoiled, undiscovered beach towns along the central California coast — and they’re trying to keep it that way. This fully refreshed Highway 1 motor lodge is perfectly placed to help you make the most of your Central Coast adventure.

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Roost Midtown - boutique hotel in Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Roost Midtown

Roost, indeed, at this handsomely renovated Twenties apartment hotel; with full kitchens, Bosch laundry units, Apple TVs, and included gym memberships, it’s more than equipped to handle all sorts of extended stays. The neighborhood keeps on giving, too, stocked with retail outlets and eateries for every look and palate, respectively, all in a pedestrian-friendly layout.

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THE SAGAMORE - boutique hotel in Lake George
Jenner, California
Timber Cove Resort

The name might be as NorCal as it gets, and we’re happy to report that this is, in every way, the real deal. Positioned on a lofty Pacific bluff, this former meditation lodge still retains that blissed-out ambience, due in equal measures to the redwood and stone construction and to its serious commitment to sustainability and mindfulness programming. Sip a local wine by the lobby fireplace and feel the ropes slacken.

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The Moorings Village - boutique hotel in Islamorada
Islamorada, Florida
The Moorings Village

Other parts of Florida tend to get more attention, but the Keys still have lots to offer in the timeless, beachy idiom, thankfully distant from T-shirt hawkers and purveyors of fishbowl-sized margaritas. Case in point: the Moorings Village, whose respect for privacy is only exceeded by its astonishing sunset vistas. It takes a village to stay in style.

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Clifton Inn - boutique hotel in Charlottesville
Charlottesville, Virginia
Clifton Inn

You could do much, much worse than a country estate set on Thomas Jefferson’s land, to put it modestly. To put it immodestly: you won’t find this level of genteel Southern refinement, historic heft, culinary expertise, or personalized service anywhere else in the region, or even the whole union. It quickly becomes clear why this is such an in-demand spot for weddings.

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Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm - boutique hotel in New Mexico
Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, New Mexico
Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm

Southwestern chic has a charm all its own, a heady blend of vivid geometric motifs, homey hacienda utility, and a respect for the open spaces and clean lines of the desert. Even more impressively, and hardly a surprise given the name, Los Poblanos has made more than a few waves in foodie circles for its robust farm-to-fork restaurant. See what all the fuss is about, then tour the grounds of this working ranch and see firsthand where it all comes from.

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Andaz Scottsdale - boutique hotel in Hokkaido
Scottsdale, Arizona
Andaz Scottsdale

Continuing the desert theme, this time located in Arizona’s answer to Palm Springs. Here Andaz makes its Scottsdale debut with a boutique take on bungalow living. You have your poolside cocktails, of course, but you also have a captivating interior scheme of traditional woven textiles, decorative graphic elements, and enough color to respectably rival the region’s painterly sunsets.

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The Williamsburg Hotel - boutique hotel in Brooklyn
Brooklyn, New York
The Williamsburg Hotel

With Brooklyn well and truly established as New York’s most exciting borough, the Williamsburg buoys its neighborhood with powerful, industrial materials and sufficient swagger in its public spaces to make this side of the river the main attraction. Whether you’re an incurable urbanite or a wide-eyed travel junkie, you’ll find what you’re looking for here amid drinks and deep conversation, and the sheer majesty of the iconic skyline will strike you speechless.

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Trumbull & Porter - boutique hotel in Detroit
Detroit, Michigan
Trumbull & Porter

We’re cautiously hopeful with regards to the Motor City’s renaissance. It’s still in its early stages, but if this Corktown boutique and converted Holiday Inn is any indication, there’s plenty of room for inspiration and growth. Hometown pride is (justifiably) the name of the game, with everything from the craft brews to the in-room furnishings supplied by hardworking locals. If that keeps you coming back, great; we can think of no better way to show support for a classic American city that’s once again on the up.

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Gurney’s Montauk - boutique hotel in Montauk
Montauk, New York
Gurney’s Montauk

Long as Long Island is, it has to end somewhere, and that’s in the far-flung town of Montauk, significantly farther than the railroad terminus, and some ways past the glitzy Hamptons. More than 90 years of practice have honed Gurney’s to a well-oiled machine, including the area’s only private resort beach. Even better, it’s well equipped to accommodate hardy beachgoers even after the summer crowds pack up.

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The Hollander - boutique hotel in Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
The Hollander

Quite the unique Wicker Park animal, the Hollander, pairing smart hostel facilities with private, upscale rooms, all under the same early-1900s roof. The whole enterprise wears its spare, gorgeous, light-flooded design with aplomb, brimming with the type of energy that exudes electricity in the morning and comfort in the evening. Bring a few friends if you wish; certain rooms allow mix-and-match bed configurations.

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The Mayo Hotel - boutique hotel in Tulsa
Tulsa, Oklahoma
The Mayo Hotel

We admit we have a soft spot for these historic Midwestern grand dames, more often than not the centerpieces of their respective cities, softly aglow and faultlessly executed. Post-renovation, the Mayo still overflows with enchanting detail — antique chandeliers, marble — while updating the rooms to spacious, connected contemporary standards. The best spot from which to take in the views of Tulsa? Easily the panoramic Penthouse cocktail bar, no contest.

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