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11 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Just like that, the holidays are upon us — and if you’re like us, you were so focused on getting 2016 behind you that you nearly forgot that it’s gift-giving season as well. We partnered with Fathom to bring you a selection of last-minute gift ideas for the travelers — of all types — in your life.
Impossible Project I-1 Analog Instant Camera

Courtesy of Impossible Project

For the Nostalgic Photographer
We all love the convenience of smartphone photography, but for something a little more unique — and collectible — than a digital file, try the original Instagram: the Impossible Project I-1 Analog Instant Camera is a Polaroid camera for your smartphone.

Available at, $299.

VinniBag Travel Bag

Courtesy of VinniBag

For the Bad Packer
We’ve all tried to bring home a bottle of Italian olive oil or French wine and ended up taking a total loss on the contents of our suitcase. Precious cargo is a whole lot easier to transport with the VinniBag Travel Bag, an ingenious inflatable travel bag that has a liquid-tight seal.

Available at, $30.

Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide: West Coast USA

Courtesy of Phaidon

For the Modern Design Enthusiast
There are a lot of reasons to drive the length of the West Coast, but the design junkie will make it the ultimate modern architecture road trip. Phaidon’s Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide: West Coast USA encompasses the whole 2,000-mile drive, from Paul Thiry’s stunning Seattle churches to the Eames House in Los Angeles and beyond.

Available at, $35 — enter promo code AQ30 at check-out for a 30% discount.

State Nevins Backpack

Courtesy of State Bags

For the Caring Traveler
There’s a bag out there for just about any taste, and the State Nevins Backpack has enough storage — for keys, snacks, cords, laptop, and iPad — to keep you organized. What makes this one special is that it’s two for one, in a way — with each purchase, State delivers one of their bags packed with supplies to an American child in need.

Available at, $95


Courtesy of Mifold

For the Little Globetrotter
Music to a traveling parent’s ears: MiFold is a safety seating option that’s ten times smaller than a regular booster. It’s portable but strong and safe: Instead of lifting the child up to the height of an adult, it lowers the seatbelt to the height of the child. Store in a handbag when you need to jump in a taxi and keep an extra one in the glove compartment for schlepping multiple kids (ages 4-12).

Available at, $40.

Recipe for Men Under Eye Patches

Courtesy of Under Eye Patches

For the Always Abroad
Here at Tablet we’re so tuned in to the effects of jet lag we can guess your frequent-flier mile total by the bags under your eyes. Recipe for Men Under Eye Patches are the cure — they’re aqua collagen-focused treatment pads that slip easily into a back pocket or carry-on.

Available at, $36.

Zippo Mini Handwarmer

Courtesy of Zippo

For the Winter-Sports Lover
The answer to frozen appendages lies somewhere between disposable chemical gel packs and building a full-on campfire. Warm your hands the new-fangled old-fashioned way with a Zippo Mini Handwarmer that lasts up to six hours and comes in a variety of colors.

Available at, from $12

Barebones Living Pathfinder Cooler

Courtesy of Barebones Living

For the Adventurer
It’s all about the details: The Barebones Living Pathfinder Cooler cooler keeps beers cold until you’re ready for a post-hike brew. Bonus: The zipper doubles as a bottle opener. Double bonus: Barebones Living is committed to using their products and profits for good in low-income and in-need communities in the United States and around the world.

Available at, $60.

Meem Memory Cord

Courtesy of Meem

For the Frequent Flyer
The best data backup plan is the one you’ll actually use — and for many of us, connecting a separate hard drive is something that can always wait. The idiot-proof solution is the Meem Memory Cord. It’s a dedicated drive that’s built in to your charging cable, so you can’t help but back up your data as often as you charge your device.

Available at, $52.

Belmond Copacabana Palace

Illustrations by Julia Rothman

For the Hungry Traveler
For most of us, travel and food go hand in hand. Food Anatomy: The Curious Parts & Pieces of our Edible World is an illustrated assortment of fun food miscellany, from the history of grub to a global street food tour to a primer on how people around the world serve fried potatoes.

Available at, $17.

Grand Hyatt Rio De Janeiro

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

For the Armchair Traveler
If you’re more in the mood for a virtual winter getaway, we’ve got photos galore of cozy Alpine lodges. We have yet to find a way to deliver the smells of a winter wonderland via the internet; until then, the next best thing is a set of Pine Cone Scented Firestarters.

Available at, $50.

Still stumped? For more detailed gift guides head to Fathom, where you’ll find Gifts That Give Back, Gifts Under $50, and Extravagant Gifts, as well as gifts for Frequent Flyers, Hungry Travelers, Adventurers, Armchair Travelers, and Little Globetrotters. And if you don’t need something to put under the tree — or if it’s too late for overnight shipping — we know where you can find a thousand or two extraordinary hotels for an unforgettable post-holiday escape….

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