Writing for The Agenda

Guidelines and Submission Instructions

Thank you for your interest in writing for The Agenda, an online travel magazine from Tablet Hotels.

Tablet has a full-time writing staff but we do occasionally work with independent writers on a per-story basis. We do not typically assign Agenda topics to freelance writers; instead, we accept story pitches and decide to move forward based solely on the strength of the submitted idea and the experience of the writer. Here’s how it works:

1. Write to editors(at)tablethotels(dot)com and include your story pitches in the form of a title, subtitle, and a paragraph or two summarizing each of your ideas. These pitches should be considered final drafts and should reflect your abilities as a writer. Please also include samples of your previously published work, if available.
2. If we like one of your story ideas, we’ll work with you to set a deadline for your first draft. Though there is no required story length, the standard expectation is between 750–1250 words.
3. Upon receiving your first draft, we’ll either: (a.) agree to move forward and pay for the story, (b.) decline to proceed, or (c.) request additional drafts or revisions before making a final decision.

If we agree to proceed with publishing and payment, our base compensation is $300 USD per story. You’ll be asked to send us an invoice for this amount. We do not cover expenses or provide hotel accommodations. If we decline to move forward, you will retain full rights to all that you’ve written up to that point.


While The Agenda is predominantly focused on travel, we don’t believe that travel writing is a genre or style of its own, or that it is limited to any specific type of subject matter. Travel is the movement of people from one place to another. Within that definition, nearly anything can be about travel. Our priority is to find skilled writers with non-traditional voices who can bring a fresh perspective to whatever they are writing about — from interesting hotels and destinations to politics, social issues, and current events.

If this is you, let us know!


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