Destination Hotels

No Worries

The Coolest Hotel Designs in Australia

When we talk about cool hotels, we’re not talking about hotels where the “cool” kids stay. We’re talking about places that make you say “oh wow, that’s cool!” when you see them. Sure, they might also be hip and trendy, but it’s more likely that their sheer unexpectedness is what really got your attention.

On Reserve

The Safari Hotels of South Africa

South Africa’s parks and private game reserves are not only filled with the country’s “Big Five” wild animals, they also boast some of the world’s most respected and remarkable safari hotels.

Western Promises

Pacific Coast Mexico Is the Truth

Mexico’s Pacific Coast stretches along the country’s southwest rim from Nayarit to Oaxaca. It’s a glorious collision of land and sea where you’ll find legendary beach destinations and boutique hotels that count among the most awe-inspiring in the world.

The Heat Is On

Florida’s Hotel Selection Is Starting to Sizzle

For the first time ever, Florida will be featured in the Michelin Guide — a signal that the state’s culinary scene is flourishing and that its cultural offerings are evolving. The hotel selection is heating up, too.

Shifting Sands

Bourdain and the Beach Hotels of Southeast Asia

In gathering together some of the most stunning beach hotels in Southeast Asia, we were reminded of Anthony Bourdain’s love of the region and the influence he’s had on the world’s changing attitudes toward travel.

Revival Meeting

California's Historic Hotel Architecture

More than any other state in the union, California is where you’ll find the most hotels that demonstrate the most remarkable range of design. Where this really stands out isn’t with newer builds, but with older structures, particularly those erected in the first half of the twentieth century. Come and behold.