In the House

The number of great hotels in New York’s outer boroughs lags behind Manhattan by quite a bit. With recent openings like Ace Hotel Brooklyn, that could be changing.

Life Less Ordinary

When we call a hotel “unusual” it’s our highest form of praise. It means there are no other hotels quite like it. It’s singular, and it stands above the status quo. That’s the kind of hotel we live for.

Eternal Affairs

You can’t spell romance without Rome, and you shouldn’t have a Roman fling without having it at one of these hotels, starting with Chapter Roma.

Tales From the Crypt

Where a regular hotel might have a closet to store your luggage, the Inn at the Roman Forum has a crypt built before Christ. It’s delightful, a little haunting, and open 24 hours a day.

Get Your Flowers

Counting flowers on the wall, that won’t bother you at all when you stay at these hotels with some of our favorite botanical-based wallpaper. Your mom will probably love them.

Spice of Life

There’s a certain sameness to many travelers’ vision of a proper Caribbean vacation: sun, sand, rinse, repeat. When it comes to hotels, though, there’s a surprising amount of variety to be found.