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Help Us Reward the Healthcare Workers of NYC

Purchase a Tablet Plus membership for your preferred amount, and all of the proceeds will go toward sending a special group of NYC healthcare workers on a much-deserved getaway to the Tablet hotels of their choice.

Click here to read our statement about hotels, travel, and the coronavirus.

Tablet employees come from all over the world, but our home is New York City. New York is where the company was founded, and twenty years on, it’s where our offices remain. This city, the one that doesn’t sleep, is a little quieter than usual. There are fewer people on the sidewalks, and fewer cars in the streets. The normal sounds of daily life — the traffic, the music, the voices — have been replaced by the sounds of birds and, less refreshingly, sirens.

New York City is the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. Despite citywide closures of non-essential businesses and demands that residents leave their homes only when necessary, the coronavirus has already taken a heavy toll, leading to thousands of deaths and pushing hospitals to the breaking point. The wail of an ambulance, once a cause of annoyance, is now the call for reverence — an overwhelming respect for the healthcare workers serving on the front lines in the battle against this insidious infection.



There are many ways you can show your gratitude to those in the healthcare field. We’d like to offer one with a travel twist:

We’re collecting donations on behalf of the COVID-19 Unit at Memorial Sloan Kettering in Manhattan. The group of 10 nurses and 5 patient care techs comprise the COVID-19 testing clinic for hospital patients and staff. They hit the ground running on March 17 and have been swabbing ever since.

Your donation will help send these 15 brave workers on a much-deserved getaway to the Tablet hotels of their choice. Our goal is to raise $15,000 — but every dollar donated will go toward giving them a heavenly holiday. As a thank you for your contribution, you’ll receive a complimentary one-year Tablet Plus membership (a $99 value), which provides VIP upgrades and amenities at hundreds of the world’s most extraordinary hotels.

If you are already a Tablet Plus member, please contact for instructions on how you can donate.

Thank you for helping us reward our hometown heroes.

Instructions For How to Donate

• Choose a donation amount below. You’ll be immediately taken to a sign-up page for your new Tablet Plus membership. This page will also be how your donation is collected.

• The set dollar amounts represent how much you’re choosing to pay for your complimentary Tablet Plus membership (a $99 value). The full proceeds of that purchase will go toward hotel stays for the COVID-19 Unit at Memorial Sloan Kettering hospital.

• Upon completing the sign-up process, you will receive a confirmation email for your new Tablet Plus membership, and shortly after, a custom email from one of our Tablet Plus Travel Specialists, thanking you for your generous donation and for getting us closer to our modest $15,000 goal.

• If you’d like to participate but are already a Tablet Plus member, or if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact

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