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Tablet Plus Takes Over South Beach

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The appeal of South Beach dates to long before its current upscale image, back to gangsters and Art Deco, back to a postwar boom fueled by soldiers flocking back to the sandy paradise they glimpsed during training. And, really, can you blame them? In Miami’s most iconic neighborhood, our favorite hotels can’t help but riff on the history of the place, building on the omnipresent Art Deco style with smart renovations and modern sensibilities. The five hotels below give you a base to explore everything about South Beach. And they’re all Tablet Plus.

The Plymouth South Beach

21st Street

The Plymouth South Beach - boutique hotel in Miami

What’s old is new again, especially in boutique hotels. Miami Beach, more than many American cities, has some fertile history to work with, thanks to its strong visual identity. A decade or two ago, the proprietors of a place like the Plymouth Hotel might have filled it up with surreal futuristic whimsy. Today, however, designer Fernando Santangelo, best known for his equally thorough renovations of the Raleigh and L.A.’s Chateau Marmont, turns to vintage furniture and Restoration Hardware.

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Kimpton Angler’s Hotel South Beach

Washington Avenue

Kimpton Angler's Hotel South Beach - boutique hotel in Miami

When Kimpton first took over the historic Angler’s, it was still a slightly unfocused Mediterranean Revival curiosity, out of scale and slightly out of step with the current South Beach hotel scene. The new Angler’s, however, is totally transformed: while the original building is closed for renovation, the brand-new five-story tower building features 85 contemporary-style studio rooms, all of which are sleeker, sunnier, and more modern than the Angler’s that came before.

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The Betsy – South Beach

Ocean Drive

The Betsy - South Beach - boutique hotel in Miami

In Miami the glam hotel arms race has escalated to a point where a hotel like the Betsy is almost shocking in its restraint. We’re almost tempted to call it conservative, but with a disclaimer: the Betsy’s pre-Deco plantation style means it’s got a personality all its own, and can’t help but stand out from the poolside fashion shoots and celebrity-thronged nightclubs of its more attention-starved neighbors.

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Hyatt Centric South Beach Miami

Collins Avenue

Hyatt Centric South Beach Miami - boutique hotel in Miami

What’s Hyatt Centric? It’s the mega-chain’s new youth-oriented boutique sub-brand, aimed at a population of travelers for whom Park Hyatts and Grand Hyatts are perhaps uncomfortably pricy, and regular old Hyatts are a one-way ticket to dullsville. These are people who aren’t afraid of a bit of modernist furniture and the occasional bold splash of color — a fact which is reflected in the Hyatt Centric South Beach’s interiors.

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Mondrian South Beach

West Avenue

Mondrian South Beach - boutique hotel in Miami

With the Collins Avenue strip on the Atlantic side of South Beach pushing maximum luxury-hotel density, it makes a certain kind of sense that the next move for a hip hotel would be to set up shop on the Biscayne Bay side. For one thing, it affords a bit of space to spread out: with over three hundred units, many of them privately owned, the Mondrian South Beach isn’t exactly modest.

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