Five for the Family Business

The Family-Owned Hotels of Tablet Plus

When you become a Tablet Plus member, you gain exclusive access to a selection of the world’s finest hotels, each one committed to providing you with seamless, VIP-level hospitality. Fab Five is a series of collections dedicated to celebrating these truly exceptional properties.

When a hotel boasts that they’re family-owned, it guarantees a certain attention to detail, a certain personal touch. At the end of the day, it’s an added comfort — but you still have to know you’re going somewhere special. That’s where we come in: the following family-owned hotels are all Tablet Plus, the best of the best no matter who’s running the show.

Weber’s Boutique Hotel

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Weber's Boutique Hotel - boutique hotel in Ann Arbor

At first glance it may seem difficult to reconcile the visual impression made by Weber’s Boutique Hotel with its claim to have been open — and family-owned — since 1969. But it’s clear that this is an establishment that hasn’t been content to rest on its laurels. The restaurant came first, a classic upscale steak house with live lobsters and a live piano player, and it’s still here in something approximating its original form — which feels like a time capsule in comparison to the hotel, which is as modern as they come, and stylish to a degree that’s positively shocking when you consider that this is Ann Arbor, Michigan, a city that, for all its charms, isn’t exactly at the cutting edge of boutique hospitality.

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Hotel Morgana

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Hotel Morgana - boutique hotel in Playa del Carmen

If there’s any reason at all to regard Playa del Carmen as something less than heaven on earth, it’s the scale of the local tourism trade. But a good boutique hotel can help you recapture some of that undiscovered-paradise feeling. Small scale is what Hotel Morgana’s got going for it, after all: this family-owned hotel is human-sized, and each of its twenty rooms has its own design and its own personality.

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Viceroy Bali

Ubud, Indonesia

Viceroy Bali - boutique hotel in Ubud

No relation, apparently, to any other Viceroy, in Los Angeles or anywhere else — the Viceroy Bali is a one-off, a family-owned hotel, a rarity at the high end of the resort market. The location is increasingly familiar, as more travelers discover the charms of inland Bali — the Viceroy is minutes from Ubud, high on a hillside overlooking the lush (and steep) Lembah Valley.

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Post Lech Arlberg

Lech am Arlberg, Austria

Post Lech Arlberg - boutique hotel in Lech am Arlberg

Family-owned for over 80 years, Relais & Châteaux member for more than 40 — you might imagine the Post Lech Arlberg would be a rather traditional sort of place, and you would be entirely correct. But you don’t get to stay at the top of the hospitality business, especially in a place as well-traveled as the Alpine resort of Lech, by staying completely frozen in time. Here you’ll find lavish, classically-styled rooms, complete with ornate carved-wood furniture, but in suspiciously fine condition — Gasthof Post is so well-maintained it looks like it was built a hundred years ago but never used.

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Ostraco Suites

Mykonos, Greece

Ostraco Suites - boutique hotel in Mykonos

As a travel destination Mykonos is certainly no well-kept secret, its streets and beaches often crowded with throngs of tourists. Novelty isn’t everything, though, and the considerable natural charms of the Greek islands are still there to be experienced, if you know where to look.

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