2018 Tablet Hotel Awards — Europe

The Best Hotels in Europe

If there’s one thing to understand about Tablet, it’s that our greatest joy in life is handing out well-deserved recognition to the world’s most unforgettable hotels.

We like to think that the mere fact of listing a hotel on Tablet is a powerful recommendation — but there are times when we want to single out a hotel (or ten hotels, or a hundred hotels) for a little extra recognition. Here are our top picks in Europe, across ten categories, from Best Design to Best for Business to the Best New Hotels.

Best Design

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin - boutique hotel in Berlin

We have seen the future of hospitality — and if you read on, you’ll have seen it too. Below are ten of the most forward-looking hotels in Europe, from a designer’s perspective — these ten examples are likely to set the agenda for the next generation of high-design boutique hotels.

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Best Pools

Castello Di Vicarello - boutique hotel in Cinigiano

Here’s a category that doesn’t need a lot of elaboration. The hotel pool is a venerable tradition, and a fairly simple pleasure — here are ten hotels whose pools are substantially more pleasurable than the norm.

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Best For Business

Ararat Park Hyatt boutique hotel in Moscow, Russia

It’s perhaps unfortunate that there’s still work to be done, but the best hotels make business travel a pleasure, not a chore. The best business hotels are, almost by definition, among the most luxurious hotels as well, and these are ten of Europe’s absolute best.

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Best For Creatives

Fabrika Tbilisi boutique hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia

What makes a hotel a creative space? It’s not easy to define, but it involves a stimulating visual environment, an atmosphere that’s lively (but not too loud), and a social life that affords plenty of opportunity for serendipitous meetings and unscripted interactions.

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Best Nightlife

Berns Hotel, Stockholm - best nightlife boutique hotel in Stockholm, Sweden

While a hotel’s first job might be to offer a quiet place to sleep, there’s also something to be said for a hotel that’ll give you a reason to stay up late. Here are ten hotels with plenty of after-dark entertainment to offer those travelers who are flexible with their curfew.

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Best Views

Grace Santorini boutique hotel

What’s inside a hotel’s walls obviously matters a lot, but there are places in the world where what’s outside its windows quite naturally takes top billing. Here you’ll find ten of the finest views in Europe.

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Hotels That Feel Like Home

Autor Rooms boutique hotel in Warsaw, Poland

It’s easier than ever before for a traveler to stay in an apartment or a house, but there are still some things hotels do better. And there are hotels that combine the comfort and character of a private residence with the service and consistency you can only get from a professional operation. Here are ten European hotels you’d be happy to call home.

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Most Romantic

Baur Au Lac - romantic boutique hotel in Zurich, Switzerland

What makes a hotel a romantic getaway? It’s equal parts atmosphere, luxury, and privacy, whether that means rural seclusion or a little oasis in the heart of Rome. Any one of these ten hotels would be perfect for an unforgettable couples escape.

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Most Stylish Hotels

Areias Do Seixo Charm Hotel boutique hotel in Povoa de Penafirme, Portugal

Just as a finely tailored suit or dress makes all of us feel that much more dashing and attractive, a finely styled hotel can’t help but make its guests look good. Some are old-fashioned grand hotels, others are daring modern experiments, and all of them are stylish to the end.

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Top New Hotels

1898 The Post boutique hotel in Gent, Belgium

When we launched Tablet, we thought there was a finite supply of unique and extraordinary hotels, but it turns out they’re a renewable resource. Below you’ll find the ten that caught our eye among Europe’s most recent vintage.

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