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Have the Best Honeymoon of Your Life

There are a million reasons to travel, but nothing lends itself to extravagant daydreaming quite like a honeymoon. For most of us, this is the big one: a once-in-a-lifetime(ish) trip that we expect to be among our most memorable experiences. That can be daunting, but you’d better believe we’ve got some honeymoon hotels that are up to the challenge. Below, we’ve chosen five different types of honeymoons and assembled a selection of hotels that’s perfect for each one. Bon voyage!

Caribbean Honeymoon Hotels

Tiamo Resort, Bahamas


For travelers in the Western Hemisphere, the Caribbean has long been among the first-choice honeymoon destinations. Conveniently located, pleasantly warm, and simply flat-out beautiful, it offers no end of fantastic places to stay. If anything, there are probably too many options. If you’re planning a Caribbean honeymoon, let us save you some research with this list of Tablet classics.

Italy Honeymoon Hotels

Palazzo Manfredi, Rome


It’s among the world’s best destinations for a reason, and everything that makes it great — the food, the wine, the climate, the landscape — is, not coincidentally, perfect for an unforgettable honeymoon. There are literally hundreds of great hotels to choose from; here are 12 fine options to get you started.

Adventure Honeymoon Hotels

Tierra Atacama Resort & Spa, Chile


There’s the typical honeymoon, where you take it easy, lounge by the pool, order in room service, and spend most of your time in nothing more than a bathrobe. But for a proper adventure honeymoon, you’re going to need a honeymoon hotel that’s got a little more to offer than your typical beach resort. For the right blend of comfort and danger, read on.

Hawaii Honeymoon Hotels

Travaasa Hana, Maui


As classic American honeymoon destinations go, it’s hard to beat Hawaii. A tropical island paradise an easy flight from most U.S. cities, it’s exotic and convenient at the same time. The only drawback used to be that the hotels were a little lackluster — but that’s changing. Here’s our guide to making the most of your Hawaiian honeymoon.

Top Honeymoon Hotels

Goldeneye, Jamaica


If you’ve made it this far without finding just the right honeymoon hotel, then you’re a hard traveler to please. Lucky for you we specialize in difficult cases. Read on for our top 15 from around the world, from the remote South Pacific to the wine country of California.

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