As much as we love minimalism, it’s criminally uncozy. Sometimes you want the candle bouquets, the velvety nooks, the gilt mirrors, the tango à deux. And sometimes a secluded getaway is just the ticket — some space, some discretion, some time to really take each other in.

Playa Viva

Juluchuca, Mexico

Playa Viva - romantic boutique hotel in Yucatán Mexico


Zihuatanejo handily dispenses with certain clichés about coastal Mexico: zero crowds, sustainable development in direct conversation with the landscape, and nary an import-resort design shortcut to be seen. It’s more about being hidden, here, and we can think of nothing more amenable to a frisky lost weekend than a jungle-meets-ocean hideaway. Alone time, indeed.



Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic

Amanera - romantic boutique hotel in Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic


Remoteness and intimacy needn’t be opposites, contrary to popular belief, and back by popular demand, Aman proves yet again that no landscape yet tried can best their ultra-luxurious design philosophy. Privacy drives the experience, of course, outfitting each freestanding casita with its own terrace and unobstructed sea views. Just you, your SO, and a spectacular, unintrusive backdrop.


Blackberry Farm

Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Blackberry Farm - romantic boutique hotel in Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee


Indulgence, too, fosters a shared sense of closeness, and Blackberry Farm is Smoky Mountain indulgence par excellence. The wildflowers and rustic-chic décor induce an authentic Southern swoon, as does the extensive haute-foothill menu. Get comfy, trade bites, and for the love of each other, don’t be shy when it comes to their prodigous wine cellar.


Calistoga Ranch

Sonoma Valley, California

Calistoga Ranch - romantic boutique hotel in Sonoma Valley, California


And once you’ve begun to spoil your sweetheart, you might as well see the thing through in the upper Napa valley with some of the finest wines in the land. They pair well with an extravagant afternoon at the Bathhouse for an exquisite series of spa treatments. Tough to believe something so paradisiacal exists less than two hours by car from San Francisco.


Hob Knob

Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard

Hob Knob Inn - romantic boutique hotel in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard


Over and above Martha’s Vineyard’s innate exclusivity, Hob Knob distills the entire charming experience into a modest boutique in Edgartown, complete with local-expert concierge service and copious opportunity for a sail or bike ride for two. The Gothic Revivalist details will put you in mind of the classic Romantic novels of yesteryear, the better to initiate some amorous advances of your own.



San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

L'Ôtel - romantic boutique hotel in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Who doesn’t want to stay in a mansion? Better, who’d turn down a just-us escape to San Miguel de Allende in a renovated colonial masterpiece with just four rooms? Orchids and vines bedeck the place, speaking to a certain irrepressible vivacity in the air, a scintillating hint to get it on already. Repair to your four-poster and regale each other with tales of the spires and galleries of this glowing Guanajuato gem.


Las Alamandas

Pacific Coast, Mexico

Las Alamandas - romantic boutique hotel in  Mexico


Here’s a once-in-a-lifetime retreat with a backstory to back it up: a Bolivian tin magnate’s granddaughter saw fit to plunk just seven double-take villas on 1,500 acres of pristine beachfront. It’s vast, unspoiled, and overwhelmingly gorgeous, perfect in every way for a pair of besotted picnickers to do their own thing, and do it well. Nearly 100 staff members should account for any and all needs, spoken or un-.


Secret Bay

Portsmouth, Dominica

Secret Bay - romantic boutique hotel in Portsmouth, Dominica


The adventuresome couple should snap up this aptly named conern in no time: Dominica is one of the least accessible islands in the Caribbean chain, meaning Nature Boys and Girls will feel right at home. The indoor-outdoor design, heavy on treehouse chic, puts you directly in touch with the grand vegetation and ocean vistas. See what you can rekindle with so few boundaries.


Twin Farms

Barnard, Vermont

Twin Farms - romantic boutique hotel in Barnard, Vermont


The Northeast isn’t known for privacy, sure, but that makes Twin Farms’s case for it. Sprawled across 300 immaculate acres, these cottages blend folksy antiques with upscale, contemporary materials, inviting a bracing hike or ski every time you step out to take the lay of the land in. It’s about getting back to your rambunctious, exploratory soul, and it’s best enjoyed with a lovely partner in crime.


Ventana Big Sur

Big Sur, California

Ventana Big Sur - romantic boutique hotel in Big Sur, California


Californiacore at its most sun-kissed and freewheeling, this is the essence of Big Sur perched vertiginously over the wild Pacific waters. There are wood-burning fireplaces, there’s a Japanese bathhouse, and there’s a Mediterranean restaurant with views to spare. It’s the sort of grand naturalistic scenario that rightly puts people in mind of a proposal.



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