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Celebrating Ten Mexican Hotels

It’s one thing to celebrate an Americanized Cinco de Mayo with a forgettable parade of tacos and cervezas. Better by far, and more in keeping with the spirit of Tablet, to experience the holiday at its source — on its country’s streets, beaches, and hillsides. But where, specifically? Glad you asked:

San Miguel De Allende

Mexico’s an enormous country, of course, and many of its treasures don’t rely on coastal attraction. Take this renovated colonial mansion, for instance, just four guestrooms strong and absolutely bursting with floral and architectural charm. Don’t be misled — far from a liability, the small operational scale means attentive service, expertly prepared local plates, and an immersive Guanajuato experience on your own terms.

La Valise
Mexico City
La Valise

Here the hip factor goes to 11, marrying a design-candy concept store with just three suites, each a roomy, stylish world unto itself. The visuals and creature comforts more than live up to the building’s Twenties heritage, when Mexico City artists and radicals put their inimitable stamp on the tumultuous 20th century.

Hotel Habita
Mexico City
Hotel Habita

By no means is Mexico City stuck in the past, however; witness Hotel Habita’s bleeding-edge, frosted-glass façade for just one example. Sleek, chic, and minimalist, its public spaces showcase the who’s who of Mexican entertainment like nowhere else. Aesthetes, take note.

One&Only Palmilla
San Jose Del Cabo
One&Only Palmilla Resort

Speaking of A-list clientele, the reinvented Palmilla offers prime celeb-watching potential at the tip of Baja California. You needn’t be a Hemingway or a Travolta to luxuriate in such impeccable service, of course, and anyway, the pristine beach appeals to everyone equally.

The Cape
Cabo San Lucas
The Cape, a Thompson Hotel

Which cape? Cabo San Lucas, of course, which for all its crowds somehow still affords a measure of serenity to hotels like this. Thompson does things right: haute-rustic materials, a private terrace with every room, and lynchpin nightlife in a rooftop lounge. Oh, and we guess the view’s alright.

Capella Ixtapa
Capella Ixtapa

A bit further down Mexico’s Pacific coast we find this cliffside marvel, an enchantingly vertical cornucopia of infinity pools, candlelight, and cascading plaster. The service and appointments trend contemporary, balancing the timeless surroundings with up-to-the-minute tech and amenities. You’ll want for nothing — except, perhaps, an extra day or two.

Rosewood Mayakoba
Playa Del Carmen
Rosewood Mayakobá

A sweet spot, quite literally: far enough from Cancún to extricate itself from that tacky bacchanalia, yet still positioned to take full advantage of the Riviera Maya’s ocean-hugging verdure. Clean-lined, modern luxury informs these forward-looking suites, each a temple of leisure with outstanding water views. Here, top-shelf tequila comes from a refined hardwood library, not a fishbowl bedecked with gaudy swizzle sticks.

Jashita Hotel
Jashita Hotel

Just a bit further down the coast gets you to the Tulum area, renowned for its Mayan ruins and blessedly unspoiled beachfront. Jashita wisely sets up camp here with a small, sophisticated footprint, ideal for a pampered, post-snorkel recharge. A poolside prosecco, to drive home the alliteration, sounds perfect.

La Casa Que Canta
La Casa Que Canta

Returning to the Pacific coast, we now find another hillside concern, complete with impossible infinity-pool views (the idiom doesn’t really get old). The décor, all warm wood and glowing lamps, conveys sumptuousness without off-putting aloofness. And the cuisine’s a masterstroke, showcasing the bounteous, incredibly fresh seafood for which this region is justly famous.

Las Alamandas
Las Alamandas

This may well be the pinnacle of the microresort form; taking just the numbers, we have 7 suites, a staff of nearly 100, and 1,500 acres of achingly gorgeous Costalegre seaside. Clearly, the aim is to channel Edenic bliss on a sprawling, make-it-so scale. Only in Mexico, indeed.

If ten hotels isn’t quite enough, you’re not alone — whittling down from so many favorites was no easy task. Thankfully, we’ve got plenty more, but not too many; only the most distinctive meet Tablet standards.

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