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Think of the most stylish person you know. He or she might not be the richest person, or the most outgoing, or for that matter the best-looking. But you can bet that whatever visual impression they’re trying to make, they’re committed, right down to the smallest details. Of course this is true not just for people, but for hotels as well. Here are ten Tablet hotels whose dedication to style sets them apart.

Ham Yard
Ham Yard

If there’s one single person whose design sense is indelibly stamped on the London hospitality world, it’s Kit Kemp. Her style is immediately identifiable, yet varied enough to give each of Firmdale’s hotels an identity of its own. Of course, this season, it’s all about the new collection: Ham Yard.

Palihouse West Hollywood
Palihouse West Hollywood

Dressing in head-to-toe haute couture is one thing, but to successfully put together an eclectic, vintage-meets-modern ensemble requires a different kind of confidence. Palihouse West Hollywood makes it all look effortless — which is, of course, one of the essential elements of style.

The NoMad Hotel
New York
The NoMad Hotel

Perhaps it’s not surprising that one of New York’s most stylish hotels is the work of a Parisian. Jacques Garcia’s NoMad Hotel combines French elegance with New York texture, and every space, from the guest rooms to the bar and restaurant, feels perfectly composed.

Les Bains Paris
Les Bains Paris

A hotel that stands for pure debauchery in all of its public spaces, Les Bains went in a remarkably sober direction when it came time to decorate its guest rooms. It took a team of four — architect Vincent Bastie, designers Tristan Auer and Denis Montel, and creative director Alexandre Kellas — to top Philippe Starck’s original 1980s design.

Thompson Miami Beach
The Confidante Hotel

No place is better suited to the Thompson group’s mid-century modernist–inspired house style than Miami. As usual, there’s not a detail out of place, and all they needed to do to adapt their signature look to a sunny resort environment was to turn the color saturation up to 10.

JK Place Roma
JK Place Roma

Maybe our references are old-fashioned, but when we think of Roman style, we think of Marcello Mastroianni looking irreproachable in a finely tailored suit. And if there’s an interior-design equivalent, it just might be Michele Bönan’s masterful work for the various JK Place hotels.

Mandarin Oriental Milan
Mandarin Oriental Milan

Of course it’s Milan, not Rome, that’s the heart of the Italian fashion industry. Any hotel chain that sets up shop in this style capital had better bring its A game. Then again, this is Antonio Citterio we’re talking about — the idea that he might put a foot wrong in this, his home city, is just about inconceivable.

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin
25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

The 25hours aesthetic seems oriented toward one principle above all: pure playfulness. That’s why it’s the perfect representative of Berlin, that shining beacon attracting creative types from all over the world, and the “urban jungle” theme shows that in this town, a little greenery goes a very long way.

The Opposite House
The Opposite House

Kengo Kuma’s futuristic facade and soaring central atrium get most of the attention, but the guest rooms, a modern minimalist fantasy in simple raw wood, are where the Opposite House is at its most elegant. If this room were a suit, we’d have five copies made so we could wear it every day.


We’ll end on an old favorite, one that never seems to go out of style. Claska is the original Tokyo boutique hotel, and while there are definitely bigger, newer, swankier and more opulent hotels in town, they’ll never match Claska’s character. With rooms by several different designers, it never looks quite the same way twice — and that’s a good thing, as its customers tend to come back.

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