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The Minimalist Moment is Over (For Now)

  • Les Bains Paris

    Les Bains Paris

  • Ett Hem

    Ett Hem

  • The Zetter Townhouse

    The Zetter Townhouse

  • The NoMad Hotel

    The NoMad Hotel

  • Soprarno Suites

    Soprarno Suites

  • The Henry Hotel

    The Henry Hotel

  • The Villa, Casa Casaurina

    The Villa, Casa Casaurina

  • The Mayer Manor

    The Mayer Manor

  • Gladstone Hotel

    Gladstone Hotel

  • Chateau Marmont

    Chateau Marmont

In the early days of Tablet, minimalism was the order of the day, and the predominant look for design hotels involved an awful lot of vaguely futuristic blank white space. The pendulum of fashion keeps on swinging, though, and today an eclectic, bohemian style, packed with historical resonances, reigns supreme. Color is the new white; texture is the new clean; and the minimalist maxim “less is more” has never felt further from the truth. (It’ll be back soon enough, though — but that’s a story for another time.)


Les Bains Paris
Paris, France — It’s a sign of the times that Philippe Starck himself is now a designer of historic spaces. The rebirth of this Parisian nightlife classic began with a renovation of one of Starck’s first high-profile projects, architects and designers Vincent Bastie, Tristan Auer and Denis Montel weaving a number of historical threads into a richly textured postmodern fabric.
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Ett Hem
Stockholm, Sweden — Ten years ago you could still count on a Scandinavian boutique hotel to pay homage to the utopian modernism of the 20th century, but today a lush, historically informed coziness is the mark of a truly chic Stockholm interior.
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Zetter Townhouse
London, England — The original Zetter was as modern as they come, but when the time came for a sequel, the Georgian townhouse provided the inspiration, and the décor reflects a century or more of accumulated history — no longer is the hip crowd turned off by references to the past.
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NoMad Hotel
New York, New York — Just as the modernist-inspired Mad Men look was taking New York by storm, Jacques Garcia’s NoMad Hotel arrived with an entirely different perspective — that of a well-traveled Parisian with an eclectic array of influences.
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Soprarno Suites
Florence, Italy — The Italians have never had a problem integrating the past and the present, and the phenomenal Soprarno Suites, where modern artworks and contemporary Italian design pieces sit under centuries-old frescoed ceilings, is a prime example of the trend.
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The Henry Hotel
Cebu City, Philippines — An art-packed industrial-rehab feast for the senses in the Philippines? Why not? This hotel would make big enough waves in Hong Kong or Singapore, and the fact of its Cebu City location is proof that this trend has a truly global reach.
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The Villa, Casa Casaurina
Miami, Florida — We wouldn’t be so foolish as to claim that the old Versace mansion is imitating anyone else — this place has always been one of a kind. Still, it’s proof of the concept — this is “more is more” taken to its logical limit, to great effect.
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The Mayer Manor
Amsterdam, Netherlands — In one sense it’s as minimal as they come — a one-suite hotel, with scarcely more service than a stand-alone apartment. But in the visual dimension, there’s hardly a square inch of the Mayer Manor that lacks for interest, and its design personality is key to its appeal.
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Gladstone Hotel
Toronto, Canada — A classic red-brick Victorian railway hotel provides the bones for an eclectic, era-spanning refurbishment — proof that the most modern of modern art can comfortably (and stylishly) co-exist with period architecture and near-baroque quantities of ornamentation.
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Chateau Marmont
Los Angeles, California — This Sunset Boulevard classic is another one that’s quite indifferent to trends — it’s served as the inspiration for a legion of followers, and even though minimalism is destined to return, the Chateau will never go out of style.
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