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Adrienne Cass

Adrienne Cass
About Adrienne

Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Profession: Fashion Executive
Plus Member Since: 2009

Favorite Tablet Plus hotels:
The Raleigh
Dream Downtown

June, 2015

How do you travel? And what are you traveling for? We asked Tablet Plus member Adrienne Cass, co-founder and managing director of TRENDYGOLF.COM, about her travel style, the challenges of business travel with a small child, and what it was like being named one of golf’s most beautiful women.

What is
TRENDYGOLF.COM offers the best assortment in designer fashions that are appropriate for the golf course. We also offer an extended selection of products that can be used in everyday life beyond the golf course. Almost every brand that we carry has a history in fashion. It is integral we have the best assortment of high-quality performance products that also have a fashion element to them.

What drew you to golf fashion?
I think there’s something really special about the game of golf that you can dress for the sport. You’re wearing a nice pair of trousers and a crisp polo. After the round, you are going to go into the clubhouse, which is a very nice place, and you’re going to have a drink, or you’re going to have a meal. You freshen up in the locker room. I can’t think of another sport where you can still do that and that the tradition of respect within the dress code for the game is still so strong.

Do you travel mainly for business, or for leisure?
My whole life, I feel like all I do is travel for business. I probably travel for leisure one or two weeks out of the year, then I travel for business a good twenty weeks, at least, out of the year. Our base is in Santa Barbara, so a couple times a year I’m in Las Vegas for trade shows, I’m down in Florida for golf-related things, I’m down in San Diego for golf-related things. But a lot of time is spent in New York and London.

You were named one of Golf Magazine’s “Most Beautiful Women.” What was that whole process like?
There’s definitely a degree of flattery I think to be nominated and asked to be part of the ranking. Although I would have preferred to be part of Golf’s most Influential People. The experience took me out of my comfort zone, but at least I could have some say in how I was styled and shot for the spread. I tried to stay a little bit… not so sexy? I also was able to share my experience in the industry and voice my passion for fashion in golf.

The golf magazines struggle a little bit with their presentation of women.
Being beautiful is not the way I want to be viewed in the golf industry because I’m a business owner and it’s not about being sexy, it’s about running a successful business. Beauty is not what makes me good at my job, and running a successful website is no small project. There is a lot more going on in this body than just what’s on the outside. So I was a little bit thrown by the nomination, but at the same time very, very flattered.

What does a typical business trip look like for you?
I like to make sure that I’m careful with how I spend our dollars, but at the same time, I’m a little forgiving. There’s nothing worse than staying in a dirty motel, or being in the last row of a plane, if you can help it, when you’re living out of a suitcase so much. So, it is nice to have a few indulgences now and then.

I’m definitely stacked with appointments when I’m in New York and London in particular, because I’m running around from showroom to showroom. Days are full of meetings, and I don’t usually get any time to myself. I’m with people all day every day, and so sometimes it’s nice to just come back to the hotel at the end of the day and unwind by catching up on emails. Or go to bed early; get a good night’s sleep.

What can a good hotel do to make your day better at the end?
A really good turndown service. I love coming home to a clean room, when they put some music on and the slippers are next to my bed. And because I’m Tablet Plus, when I arrive there’s always a bottle of wine or champagne or a fruit plate. Every time, there’s always a personal note. A bottle of wine and a cheese plate, that rocks, you know? And then having really good room service is always nice.

Do you travel light, or do you pack everything?
I try to pack as light as possible. Sometimes I’ll be on the road for three weeks in different climates — I might do a week in New York and then fly right over to London, and then have to go up into Scotland where it’s raining, and then go back through London and then come home, so I would normally have a checked bag. And if I’m traveling with my daughter, I definitely have a lot of gear with me. But when it’s me alone, three days, in and out of a city? I’m as light as possible — yeah, I travel light.

When you fly, do you dress up or dress down?
Dress up. Always.

That’s old-school.
I don’t care if I’m going to a tropical climate, I’m always wearing pants and boots. I always make sure to look nice. I’m not the one coming onto the plane in my workout clothes.

So you miss the way it used to be, when flying was a more glamorous, dress-up event?
It’s just a nice thing to do. Plus, you can pack lighter if you can travel in some of the clothes that you need to wear for your business meetings on the subsequent days.

Do you have a favorite Tablet Plus hotel?
You know, I got married at the Raleigh. When my husband and I started dating, he lived in London and I was living in Milwaukee. We would go on Tablet and just find a hotel in a city somewhere between us. So we stayed at the Raleigh on our third date and completely were in love, everyone thought we were on our honeymoon. We ended up getting married there, it’s my daughter’s middle name. I love that hotel.

Quite a recommendation. Speaking of your daughter, let’s talk about traveling with children.
My daughter is now two. I’ve been traveling with her since she was two months old, and traveling with her internationally since she was six months old. There is a lot of planning that goes into traveling with children. In New York, because I’ll be traveling with my daughter, and most of the time the nanny, too, it’s nice to have a bigger room. We did stay at Sixty LES for a long time, but I wanted to be over near the West Side Highway because I have a lot more appointments over on that side, so I switched over to the Dream Downtown. The rooms are really big, the bathrooms are great, and they love kids — they have a Sheldon the Sheep stuffed animal that they give her when she arrives. She loves it, and everybody loves to see her walking through in her little leather jacket. In London I’ve been staying at Belgraves, actually, and they’ve been good to her, too.

Have you had any Tablet Plus experiences that stand out?
I had one hotel experience that I can’t even believe happened. Last summer, I was staying at Belgraves in London. I had my daughter with me. I went to bed, and then came this thumping, bumping music up to our room. I emailed Tablet Customer Service and I said, “listen, I’m laying in bed, there’s this music that’s come out of nowhere, I don’t know what it is — what should I do?”

Within five minutes of me sending that email, my room phone was ringing and it was the hotel’s manager calling, telling me that they heard from Tablet that I had complained about noise in my room. The lounge that was a couple of floors below, I guess at 10 p.m. they decided to turn up the music because it was Friday night. They apologized, they turned down the music, and the next morning they packed everything up and moved me up five floors.

And then of course I get an email back from Tablet saying, “well, we’ve contacted the hotel, they should be taking care of you, let us know, we’re so sorry about this experience.

One final question: are there any Tablet hotels you’re looking forward to visiting?
For personal travel I would love to visit Thailand and stay at the Six Senses Yao Noi [recently added to Tablet Plus]. It looks incredible! But for work, the next time I’m in New York I would love to stay at the Crosby Street Hotel, as I love being in central SoHo. In London, I would like to try Me London. It looks so modern, so to have that experience blended with the historical value of the building and the whole city for that matter — plus, I love Covent Garden.

Tell us how you travel and our next feature could be about you.

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About Adrienne

Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Profession: Fashion Executive
Plus Member Since: 2009

Favorite Tablet Plus hotels:
The Raleigh
Dream Downtown

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