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10 Tremendous Treehouse Hotels

  • Aqua Wellness Resort

    Aqua Wellness Resort

  • JapaMala Resort – A Samadhi Retreats Property

    JapaMala Resort – A Samadhi Retreats Property

  • Playa Viva

    Playa Viva

  • Chewton Glen Hotel

    Chewton Glen Hotel

  • Rancho Pacifico

    Rancho Pacifico

  • Vila Kalango

    Vila Kalango

  • Six Senses Yao Noi

    Six Senses Yao Noi

  • Soneva Kiri

    Soneva Kiri

  • Mukul Resort & Spa

    Mukul Resort & Spa

  • Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa

    Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa

May, 2015

Not all treehouses are created equal. On one end of the spectrum you’ve got the banged-together assemblages of planks and nails that only an unspoiled twelve-year-old imagination can redeem; on the other, an elevated world of plunge pools, sweeping verandas and marble baths. For obvious reasons, the luxury hoteliers of the world tend to go in for the latter.


Aqua Wellness Resort
Playa Gigante, Nicaragua — Aqua Wellness Resort bills itself as a “treehouse colony,” with elevated villas surrounded by green on a hillside facing out to sea. If all the fresh air becomes too much, there’s a beachside “Retox” bar down at sea level.
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JapaMala Resort
Tioman Island, Malaysia — Built with sustainable materials, these treetop chalets skim the top of the lush, tropical-island canopy. Their open plans create a feeling of exposure to the natural surroundings, especially in the open-air baths and plunge pools.
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Playa Viva
Zihuatanejo, Mexico — How do you build an environmentally sensitive casita on a sand dune, where too many pillars or piers would damage the sensitive plant life? One answer, it turns out, is to build treehouses. At Playa Viva, the builders used living, native palm trees as load-bearing supports for their standalone open-air villas on the beach, then used the palm fronds for thatch roofs.
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Chewton Glen
New Forest, England — Once the hunting ground of Norman nobles, then a refuge for smugglers carrying Continental contraband, the woods of the New Forest are now home to Chewton Glen’s six private treehouses. To help guests commune with nature in comfort, the rooms come with picture windows, terraces, outdoor hot tubs and day beds, all thirty-five feet off the ground.
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Rancho Pacifico
Puntarenas, Costa Rica — Set twenty feet above their own three-acre gardens, the Treehaus Hideaway villas at Rancho Pacifico add private decks with hot tubs and hammocks to the high-design interiors. For further relaxation, try the treetop treatment area at the spa.
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Vila Kalango
Jericoacoara, Brazil — Though not technically treehouses, the palafitas at Vila Kalango, elevated on stilts to the level of the tops of the surrounding palm trees, capture more than enough of the treehouse spirit to qualify. And Jericoacoara Beach provides ample inducement to climb back down to earth once in a while.
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Six Senses Yao Noi
Koh Yao Noi, Thailand — The only thing that could possibly make the island-dotted Thai seascapes more inspiring is to view them from the canopy-level infinity pool of your cliffside villa at Six Senses Yao Noi. You won’t mind a bit that you’re firmly anchored on solid ground.
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Soneva Kiri
Koh Kood, Thailand — It’s not just bedrooms that benefit from a bit of the treehouse treatment. At Soneva Kiri they’ll hoist your dinner table up into the trees in a bamboo pod, with you in it — and your server, dishes in hand, will arrive via zipline. Not something anybody needs, per se, but an experience that’s well worth having.
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Mukul Resort & Spa
Playa Gigante, Nicaragua — Mukul Resort is our second entry on the list from Playa Gigante, on the Nicaraguan coast, though given that the thirty-seven-room resort has some 1,670 acres to work with, it hardly feels crowded. The Bohios, set in the canopy with views of the ocean, come with travertine marble bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, sweeping wooden decks, plunge pools, and verandas furnished with day beds. Carved teak tables and sugarcane twig headboards continue the rustic-luxe theme, with a definite emphasis on the “luxe” side of the equation.
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Bunga Raya
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia — This luxe island paradise is pretty secluded to begin with, but for extra privacy, the Treehouse Villas are romantic havens tucked away in the jungle. Reached by elevated walkways, they come with their own outdoor Jacuzzis or plunge pools, plus private balconies and in-room espresso machines.
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