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Italy's Best Honeymoon Hotels

It’s among the world’s best destinations for a reason, and everything that makes it great — the food, the wine, the climate, the landscape — is, not coincidentally, perfect for an unforgettable honeymoon. There are literally hundreds of great hotels to choose from; here are 12 fine options to get you started.

J.K. Place Capri - boutique hotel in Capri
Capri, Italy
J.K. Place Capri

Or maybe you and your partner are more the island types. J.K. Place Capri is a short trip via hydrofoil from Naples and is within easy sailing distance of the Amalfi Coast. There’s nothing like waking up with a view of Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples.

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J.K. Place Florence - boutique hotel in Florence
Florence, Italy
J.K. Place Florence

This is the J.K. Place that got it all started, and for honeymooners who prefer art & culture to surf & sand, it’s got it all: luxury, taste, and that inimitable Michele Bönan style.

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J.K. Place Roma - boutique hotel in Rome
Rome, Italy
J.K. Place Roma

Then again, some of us prefer the Vatican Museum to the Uffizi, and cacio e pepe to pappardelle. For a Roman honeymoon just steps from the Spanish Steps, J.K. Place Roma is the answer.

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Palazzo Manfredi - boutique hotel in Rome
Rome, Italy
Hotel Palazzo Manfredi

Many Roman hotels can lay claim to a bit of historical color, but Palazzo Manfredi is the only one we know that used to be a gladiators’ academy, complete with a view of the Colosseum. Just don’t get too much in the gladiators’ spirit.

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Ca’ Pisani - boutique hotel in Venice
Venice, Italy
Ca’ Pisani Hotel

Venice is picturesque, and time here seems to stand still, which makes it perfect for this kind of trip. At Ca’ Pisani, for example, it’s still the 1940s, the heyday of Italian Futurism, which lends the interiors an unforgettable personality.

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Centurion Palace - boutique hotel in Venice
Venice, Italy
SINA Centurion Palace

For adding a little classic Venetian sight-seeing to your honeymoon. Not only is it a gorgeous hotel in its own right, but its immediate neighborhood is home to the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, St. Mark’s Square and the Punta della Dogana contemporary art museum, as well as the Guggenheim.

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Salotto Monti - boutique hotel in Rome
Rome, Italy
Salotto Monti

Some honeymooners opt for total luxury — others prefer something more self-sufficient. This twelve-room boutique hotel is a chic but low-key place to set up temporary residence in the Eternal City, close to everything but retaining a bohemian and thoroughly Roman character.

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Villa Spalletti Trivelli - boutique hotel in Negril
Rome, Italy
Villa Spalletti Trivelli

You wouldn’t believe how hard it is not to say “La Dolce Vita.” But for a classic, secluded honeymoon, this is it. Forget the bustling Rome of zipping motorbikes and carabinieri sirens — this corner of the city is steeped in an aristocratic tranquility, and Villa Spalletti Trivelli feels like a classic film set.

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Residenza Napoleone III - boutique hotel in Rome
Rome, Italy
Residenza Napoleone III

That the hotel is located right off Via Condotti, an easy walk from Rome’s best high-end shopping and many of its major sights, is almost beside the point; this is a deeply pleasurable place to stay, as unapologetically opulent, one has to imagine, as the day the eponymous emperor checked in.

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Villa Cora - boutique hotel in Florence
Florence, Italy
Villa Cora

A neoclassical mansion on the outskirts of Florence, Villa Cora’s slightly removed location presents a distinct advantage, as the crowds tend to concentrate in and around the bigger hotels, and Villa Cora remains a well kept secret, always quiet and elegant. For a Florentine honeymoon it’s hard to top.

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Le Sirenuse - boutique hotel in the Amalfi Coast
Postano, Italy
Le Sirenuse

The Dominican Republic is well known and well traveled, but sometimes it pays to head for less familiar territories. Barahona is one of those places; here, on the southern coast of the island of Hispaniola, closer to the Haitian border than to Santo Domingo, is where you’ll find the Le Sirenuse Tropical Lodge.

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Castello Banfi il Borgo - boutique hotel in Tuscany
Siena, Italy
Castello Banfi il Borgo

And then there’s the Tuscan countryside. This 14-room boutique hotel, fashioned from the village buildings adjoining the castello itself, sits on a seven-thousand-acre vineyard. Needless to say, there’ll be a few glasses poured for you throughout your stay — essential, in our opinion, for a proper Tuscan honeymoon.

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