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Hawaiian Honeymoon Hotels

Ts classic American honeymoon destinations go, it’s hard to beat the Hawaiian Islands. A tropical paradise an easy flight from most U.S. cities, it’s exotic and convenient at the same time. The only drawback used to be that the hotels were a little lackluster — but that’s changing. Here’s our guide to making the most of your Hawaiian honeymoon.

Travaasa Hana - boutique hotel in Maui
Island of Maui
Travaasa Hana

On some level, a honeymoon is about getting disconnected from the outside world. So a hotel that’s notable for its lack of televisions, phones, and even alarm clocks, might be just the thing. It helps that it’s located on a nicely secluded stretch of Maui’s eastern coastline — there’s no one and nothing to distract you from some quality time with your new spouse.

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Andaz Maui at Wailea - boutique hotel in Maui
Island of Maui
Andaz Maui at Wailea

A more traditional and more luxurious option for Maui, the Andaz has it all: stylish environs, inventive cuisine, first-rate accommodations and faultless service that effortlessly finds the proper balance between friendly and professional. From here it’s not hard to see why Hawaii is among the best honeymoon destinations on the planet.

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Koa Kea Hotel & Resort - boutique hotel in the Kauai
Island of Kauai
Koa Kea Hotel & Resort

Every Hawaiian island has its partisans, and Kauai’s devotees love it for its extra-relaxed atmosphere, its long sandy beaches, its lush, wild scenery, and its relative lack of development. With 121 rooms and suites, Koa Kea is big enough to offer a wide array of services and activities, but small enough to feel intimate and personal.

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Turtle Bay Resort - boutique hotel in Oahu
Island of Oahu
Turtle Bay Resort

Two words: the North Shore. Even if you’re not here for the waves, you’ll find it’s as far as you can get, both figuratively and literally, from the tame overdevelopment of Waikiki. It’s a big resort, but it’s more or less on its own up here, and its new renovation takes this Seventies relic into understated, stylish, and remarkably cozy territory.

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Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows - boutique hotel in Hoi An
Island of Hawaii
Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows

Boutique-hotel junkies might find Mauna Lani a touch large. But there’s something to be said for scale. Here you’ll have access to no fewer than three golf courses, as well as a spa, a fitness center, a 25-meter lap pool, a tennis club, and no end of water sports, from stand-up paddleboards to sailing, diving and snorkeling.

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Hotel Wailea - boutique hotel in Island of Maui
Island of Maui
Hotel Wailea

Though situated on a fairly sizable piece of prime Maui oceanfront, Hotel Wailea keeps things relatively intimate, with just 72 suites. You get the pool, the spa, fitness center, the private beach club, access to the island’s golf courses; in other words, most of the benefits of staying at a much larger resort, but without the crowds that usually go along with it.

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The Modern Honolulu - boutique hotel in Honolulu
The Modern Honolulu

Finally, for the most sociable honeymooners, there’s Waikiki Beach itself, and the Modern Honolulu, where mainland design-hotel style meets traditional Hawaiian splendor. A pan-Pacific soul-food restaurant and an A-list dance club make it one of the true centers of Honolulu’s social life.

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Shoreline Hotel - boutique hotel in Honolulu
Shoreline Hotel

By local standards, a hotel with 125 rooms is practically a bed-and-breakfast; intimate, stylish, and eco-conscious, the Shoreline is for honeymooners who want the stimulation of a Waikiki location along with the privacy and personal touch of a boutique hotel.

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