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Ten of the Most Expensive Hotels

Ever wondered how the other half-percent lives? These hotels spare no expense in delivering expectation-surpassing hospitality: the staff have royalty protocol down pat, with timing and execution at near-telepathic standards. There’s real silver on the tables, antique statuary (or contemporary masterworks) in the passageways, and inevitably a certain air of dignity about the public spaces. You get what you pay for — and you pay for what you get.

BULGARI RESORT BALI - boutique hotel in Bali
Bali, Indonesia

The Bulgari team takes a victory lap with this south-coast marvel, a study in outlandish extravagance in villa-sized bites. The cliffside infinity pool might as well be the genre’s blueprint. Of course there’s a helicopter shuttle.

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RESIDENZA NAPOLEONE III - boutique hotel in Rome
Rome, Italy

It’s a converted palace once home to Napoleon III. You reach your opulent suite via an arcade lined with Doric columns and a grand staircase, complete with period marble busts. Needless it to say, it’s fit for an emperor.

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THE SAVOY - boutique hotel in London
London, England

Luxury hospitality as we know it owes everything to this groundbreaking shrine to Edwardian excess. Renovated with archaeological reverence and precision, this London jewel simply brooks no competition.

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LE ROYAL MONCEAU - RAFFLES PARIS - boutique hotel in Paris
Paris, France

Leave it to Philippe Starck to install an in-house gallery and “junket room” in this Paris mainstay’s redesign. There’s more than enough crystal chandeliering on display to justify wearing shades indoors.

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MANDARIN ORIENTAL MUNICH - boutique hotel in Munich
Munich, Germany

Rooftop pool and garden with a view of the Alps? Don’t mind if we do! This hotel is a must for everything Munich: cuisine, the Opera, the Maximilianstrasse, and prints and etchings by the likes of Raphael (yes, that Raphael).

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RAFFLES HOTEL, SINGAPORE  - boutique hotel in Singapore

Yes, there still is an “old” Singapore: right here where the Singapore Sling was invented and Elizabeth Taylor hobknobbed with smitten onlookers. At two and half staff members per guest, service is positively transcendent, which should leave you with more than enough time to wistfully drink in the Victorianism as you stroll through the immaculate grounds. This chapter of history may be closed, but the book is in fine shape.

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PARK HYATT NEW YORK - boutique hotel in New York
New York, New York

Putting the “New” in New York, this bit of paradise on earth forms the foundation of the soon-to-be-iconic One57 residential skyscraper. This is where impeccable taste comes to practice its rarefied magic.

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AMANGANI - boutique hotel in Jackson Hole
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Grand Tetons, meet Singapore. Now kiss! This resort is what happens when far-Western landscape and frontiersmanship collide with far-Eastern boutique minimalism. Then there’s the description-defying view.

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KING DAVID HOTEL - boutique hotel in Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Israel

Older than the country it inhabits, the King David’s pink-quartz excess perfectly encapsulates the legendary city we all picture when the word “Jerusalem” floats before our mental eye. This is a grand hotel through and through, the type of place in which VIP visits are a matter of course and old-world professionalism undergirds the dazzlingly efficient staff. Get a single-malt, it’s just what’s done in these parts.

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D’ANGELETERRE  - boutique hotel in Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark

Try a quarter-millennium for old-school integrity, more than enough time to develop an enviable vocabulary of marble, gold, velvet, and crystal. There’s champagne (and, no doubt, a snappily attired and kind-eyed bartender) at Balthazar and a Rolls-Royce limo idling outside, ready to whisk you away at a moment’s notice. But why would anyone want to leave? Precisely.

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  • Unique.

    Il San Petro Hotel Positano ItalyMay 6th, 2017
  • Tenku no Mori, Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Southern Japan. Exquisite hideaway for the Japanese elite on the top of a mountain in rural Kagoshima Prefecture in the Kirishima District — an onsen hotsprings region renown since feudal times.

    Hotel Okura, Tokyo. Subdued elegance and style so classically Japanese — blue blood “class” down to its aristocratic origin. When the diplomats are in town, they make a beeline to the Okura.

    Park Hyatt Tokyo, Oh how I love these top 15 or so stories of this Shinjuku hi rise Best dining in Tokyo. A boutique hotel of understated elegance. Sir Terence Conran meets Le Corbusier, with hand blown Venetian glass sconces thrown in for whimsy. Gorgeous. Get a corner suite. Set into a picture window corner, the view from the bathtub overlooks all of tokyo. Same can be said of the rooftop pool enclosed in glass.

    Vance HarperMay 13th, 2017
  • Yes,

    Theresia ThomasMay 13th, 2017

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