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  • Park Hyatt Tokyo

    Park Hyatt Tokyo

  • Haymarket Hotel

    Haymarket Hotel

  • The Roger

    The Roger

  • The Nomad Hotel

    The Nomad Hotel

  • Le Pavillon des Lettres

    Le Pavillon des Lettres

  • Le Burgundy Paris

    Le Burgundy Paris

  • The Kandy House

    The Kandy House

  • Ugenta


  • Soniat House

    Soniat House

  • Stonehurst Place

    Stonehurst Place

January, 2015

We’re never shy about providing you with a bit of eye candy in the form of a slideshow of stylish new hotels. But the travel experience involves more than just visual pleasure. We asked the experts in our Customer Service department for some picks that might otherwise fly under the radar, and they named some hotels that are known within the office for going well out of their way to treat Tablet customers right. So here, on their recommendation, are ten hotels Tablet customers love — and the feeling, we’re assured, is mutual.


Park Hyatt Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan — The Park Hyatt Tokyo gets quite a lot of things right, from its air of subtle swankiness to its far-ranging skyscraper-topping views. But its best attribute might just be the service, which meets as high a standard as any in the business, and has drawn rave reviews from Tablet customers for as long as we’ve been online.
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Haymarket Hotel
London, England — It was just about impossible to choose just one from the nine Firmdale hotels, all equally notable for their strongly developed design personality and for a luxury that never feels ostentatious. In the end we chose Haymarket, as much for its absolutely central location as for anything else — and everybody loves the unexpected bonus of a subterranean swimming pool, something of a rarity in a London hotel.
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The Roger
New York, NY — There are more luxurious hotels in New York, to be sure, and more flamboyantly designed ones as well. But once you add the price into the equation, there’s no one that balances all the variables quite as expertly as the Roger. It’s tasteful, it’s comfortable, it’s well-located, and it’s great value for money — and experience has shown that the Roger goes the extra mile for Tablet guests.
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The NoMad Hotel
New York, NY — Here the designer Jacques Garcia has turned the most nondescript of buildings into a fantasy world that’s equal parts artistic and aristocratic, and more than a little bit Parisian to boot. Add a food and beverage program by Daniel Humm and Will Guidara, famous for the nearby Eleven Madison Park, and it’s easy to see why the NoMad is perennially one of our best-reviewed hotels.
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Le Pavillon des Lettres
Paris, France — To see contemporary design so confidently executed in Paris is rare enough — to find it in a hotel that cares so much about service is truly extraordinary. At the Pavillon we’ve seen upper management attending with a smile to tasks you’d expect to see delegated to lower-level staff, and this hands-on approach is one reason it’s so well loved among Tablet members.
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Le Burgundy Paris
Paris, France — The high-end hotel scene in Paris obeys a rigid hierarchy, which makes it all the more surprising when a brand-new boutique like Le Burgundy proves to be a runaway smash hit. It’s hardly less luxurious than the officially recognized palace hotels, arguably more stylish, and Tablet guests — especially our Tablet Plus members — very rarely discover anything at all to criticize.
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Kandy House
Kandy, Sri Lanka — We’ve been believers in Sri Lankan boutique hotels for over a decade, and the Kandy House seems to return our affection. We spread the word far and wide about this excellent little hotel, and in return they treat our members like lifelong friends — an idea which, by the time you check out, contains more than a grain of truth.
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Kyoto, Japan — Japanese hospitality is already in a league of its own, but even in Kyoto, Ugenta stands apart — you could look pretty hard and never find a hotel that’s so consistently (and so extravagantly) praised by visitors from Tablet. If you’ve never had the ryokan experience — or if you want to see it done just right — then this is your place.
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Soniat House
New Orleans, Louisiana — It’s no accident that people talk about Southern hospitality. And Soniat House is positively dripping with the stuff. Cobbled together from three 1830s-vintage townhouses, it’s also as history-steeped as any American hotel we know. (And we have it on good authority that their breakfast biscuits are second to none.)
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Stonehurst Place Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia — In a city that’s not shy about ostentatious new construction, it’s refreshing to find a small hotel that’s so dedicated to maintaining its historical charm. The suites are spacious and elegant, the service is first-rate, the breakfast is tremendous, and the feedback from Tablet members is consistently tops.
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