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One of the hazards of working at Tablet is that the bar for extraordinary hotel experiences gets set pretty high. We’ve got great options for just about any budget, so you don’t have to break the bank to have a stay worth remembering — but we’ve also got quite a few hotels that belong on any world traveler’s bucket list. We polled our staff to find out which hotels we’ve been daydreaming about lately, and the resulting list hits quite a few of Tablet’s global highlights.

Alila Jabal Akhdar
Alila Jabal Akhdar

Laurent Vernhes, Co-Founder and CEO — “There is so much more to this part of the world than some kind of luxury shopping extravaganza. In particular, the rocky desert mountains of Oman are among the world’s most amazing landscapes. The man behind Alila was also behind my two favorite hotels when I lived in Indonesia twenty years ago — we’ve all come a long way, and it’s great to see how far he’s gone.”

Alila Jabal Akhdar PoolAlila Jabal Akhdar Design

Aman Tokyo
Shangri-La Hotel

John Speranza, Editor — “Where I live, I get plenty of nature, so when I get the urge to travel it’s generally somewhere urban, like the futuristic weirdness that is Tokyo. And you haven’t had a proper luxury-hotel experience if you’ve never been somewhere like the Shangri-La, on the top floors of a skyscraper in Marunouchi, a high-rise district that’s been built up virtually from scratch over the last few years.”

Areias do Seixo
Povoa de Penafirme, Portugal
Areias do Seixo

Paulo Grillo, Customer Service Team Manager — “I’ve been wanting to visit Portugal for quite some time. The Portuguese are known for their hospitable (and unassuming) nature. Obviously, I am a fan of their cuisine and wines; a Port after a meal will be always welcome! Oh, and I speak the language — a bonus when you really want to have that authentic experience and mingle with the locals.”

Southern Ocean Lodge
Kangaroo Island, Australia
Southern Ocean Lodge

Michael Davis, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer — “You can’t go wrong when a place greets you with a dozen Tammar wallabies as you enter and and where the suites are named after shipwrecks. The juxtaposition of the raw environment and refined hospitality provide such a delightful range of sensory delights it’s easy to get distracted just walking from room to room. From visiting sea lion habitats in the morning, to local wineries & honey farms in the afternoon, then topped off by locally-sourced gourmet meals & campfires overlooking the ocean, this. is. it.”

Southern Ocean Lodge TubSouthern Ocean Lodge Suite

ION Luxury Adventure Hotel
Selfoss, Iceland
ION Luxury Adventure Hotel

Peter Longofono, Editor — “The word ‘adventure’ in the name is always a good sign! It’s a best-of-all-worlds scenario: unique local cuisine, luxe furnishings, heated outdoor pool, sharp contemporary design, and an alien landscape in every direction. Why yes, I would like to go diving between tectonic plates, thanks very much.”

UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa
Trancoso, Brazil
UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa

Lesley Ward, Collections Manager — “Luxury in the rainforest. Steps from the beach. Minutes from the UNESCO-protected town square. Bahian bliss.”

Lake Placid Lodge
Lake Placid, New York
Lake Placid Lodge

Annie Kemple, Tablet Plus Sales Manager — “The ultimate Adirondack escape. I’m dying to unplug and unwind in a lakeview room or private cabin at Lake Placid Lodge. To me there is nothing more relaxing and restorative than a day spent outdoors in Upstate New York; pair that with an evening by the fire and views overlooking the lake and I’m in paradise.”

The Efendi Hotel
Elma Arts Complex Luxury Hotel
& The Efendi Hotel

Daren Grisham, Head of Hotel Sales & Partnerships — “For some time, I’ve been planning an Israeli odyssey. In addition to spending time in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, I plan to visit Haifa, Israel’s third largest city. While looking at surrounding areas (and hotels to stay in!), I came across and fell in love with these two places. One is an art hotel (think 21c Museum Hotels, Israeli-style!) and the other is actually sort of a museum in its own way. Hello, Instagram!”

Paws Up
Greenough, Montana
Resort at Paws Up

Abbey Henrickson, Travel Specialist — “It’s always important for me to step out of New York City and step into nature. Resort at Paws Up appeals to my sense of adventure, as well as nurturing my need for a hot shower after being immersed in said nature.”

Paws Up ActivitiesPaws Up scenery

Kyoto, Japan

Michael Hernandez, Travel Specialist — “Like most boys growing up in the early Nineties I was made aware of Japan by way of amphibians who were trained in martial arts (long story). From my secondhand experience it would seem a stay at Ugenta is more than a trip — it is, in effect, time travel, and it is uniquely Japanese. Your hosts will regale you with stories as you eat fish caught fresh from the river that flows beneath you. You will bask in a silence I can only imagine as you bathe peacefully in ancient hot springs.”

Taj Lake Palace
Udaipur, India
Taj Lake Palace

Dominic Younan, Travel Specialist — “I would love to go to experience traditional Indian hospitality, and to feel like a king. A nearly 300-year-old palace converted to a hotel that sits in the middle of a lake in India? Sign me up.”

Post Ranch Inn
Big Sur, California
Post Ranch Inn

Mark Fedeli, Marketing & Editorial Content Manager — “Clean, modern design in the wilderness on cliffs above the ocean — I can’t imagine a better, more luxurious place in the United States to experience the juxtaposition of minimalism and maximalism. Or to watch a sunset, for that matter. “

San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge
Dolomites, Italy
San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge

Dante Nolleau, Tablet France — “I want to go there because I think this former hunting lodge, lost in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, is the best place on earth to enjoy a life of simple pleasures and connect back to what’s really important in life: watching the sun set from an outdoor panoramic jacuzzi, listening to Édith Piaf tunes in a Turkish bath with a chromotherapy system, sharing Italian reds from the owner’s private wine cellar with your best friends, eating wild boars roasted in the chimney. All of these quite possibly naked or wearing animal skins.”

Banyan Tree Ringha
Shangri-La, China
Banyan Tree Ringha

Joshua Cotton, Head of Technology — “Sometimes you just need to get away.”

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  • Any of the hotels look like a beautiful place to visit

    Helen SmithApril 11th, 2017
  • They are all a traveler’s dream.

    Rosa Maria Guimarães Vaz da CostaMay 11th, 2017

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