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Ten of Tablet's Best-Rated Hotels

One great review might be no more than evidence of a pleasant stay. Add a few more good scores and a pattern is beginning to emerge. And a large number of near-unanimous perfect ratings (on our 20-point scale) is proof that a hotel is truly something special. These ten hotels might not all rate a perfect 20 — you really can’t quite please everyone, all the time — but they’re among our most consistent high achievers, with a larger number of near-perfect scores than just about anyone else. We’d hesitate to call them the ten best hotels on Tablet — all of our most recent stories include hotels that also rate highly enough to have made this list — but we’re comfortable saying they’re nothing short of extraordinary.

Belmond Hotel das Cataratas
Iguazu Falls, Brazil
Belmond Hotel das Cataratas

It certainly can’t hurt to be located more or less right across the road from one of the world’s great natural wonders. But the Belmond Hotel das Cataratas isn’t getting by on scenery alone — this is a highly professional hospitality operation. Wait until the last bus full of day-trippers goes home for the night and you’ve got the sound of the falls all to yourself.

Crosby Street
Crosby Street Hotel

If you can make it here, you’ll make it anywhere. New Yorkers are a tough crowd, and it’s a hard city for a hotelier — but from day one, the Crosby Street Hotel has met with near-universal acclaim. Kit Kemp’s interior style is nothing if not distinctive, the SoHo location feels both private and absolutely central, and the service strikes just the right note of perfectly English sophistication.

Belmond Hotel das Cataratas
Jamaica Inn

Perhaps it’s because its particular brand of classic elegance is so at odds with the packaged tackiness of certain other Jamaican resorts. Jamaica Inn has been a favorite of Tablet customers since the beginning, thanks to some excellent service, a phenomenal beachside location, and an atmosphere that’s classic without ever feeling old-fashioned.

Hotel B
Lima, Peru
Hotel B

You might not think Lima, Peru would be on the same level, hotel-wise, as New York and Rome, but thanks to Hotel B, here we are. Guests love the imposing façade, the world-class art collection, the elegant contemporary-classic rooms and suites, and above all, the people. (The roof deck, where you can sip a pisco sour with a view of the Pacific, doesn’t hurt either.)

Alila Villas Uluwatu
Alila Villas Uluwatu

Bali, to put it simply, is home to some of the world’s best hotels and resorts. We’ve all got our own favorites, but none of them have been quite so consistently highly rated as Alila Villas Uluwatu. For fans of modern architecture, there’s no one quite like Alila, and here, on a cliffside at the island’s southern tip, they’re at the absolute top of their game.

Sparrows Lodge
Palm Springs
Sparrows Lodge

Some Palm Springs hotels are a bit too old-school, while others perhaps go too far in the other direction. The “adult summer camp” that is Sparrows Lodge, however, seems to have judged their clientele perfectly — Tablet customers rave about the relaxing atmosphere, the adults-only policy, and the friendly, professional staff.

La Minervetta
La Minervetta

There’s no lack of high-quality hospitality on the Amalfi Coast, but around the peninsula, on the Bay of Naples side, is this hidden Sorrentine gem. Maybe it’s the perfectly judged mod-eclectic décor, or maybe it’s the views of Vesuvius and the surrounding seascape — at any rate, La Minervetta singularly fails to disappoint.

Kimber Modern
Kimber Modern

This one was a bit of a sleeper. We knew Kimber Modern was a great hotel, but we didn’t know just how much you loved it until we took a good look at the numbers. Mid-century modern architecture meets South Congress cool, to great effect — and while friendly hospitality is a given in Texas, the folks at Kimber Modern take it to another level. Book early — at just seven rooms, it’s a hot commodity.

Park Hyatt Dubai
Park Hyatt Dubai

The Park Hyatts are practically unique among the corporate chain hotels for their uniform high quality — it was perhaps inevitable that one of them would make this list. This one, in Dubai, is a bit of a departure, forsaking the usual high-rise orientation for a relatively low-slung, compound-like layout. Not much in Dubai can be honestly described as tasteful, but this particular Park Hyatt is a notable exception.

Villa Spalletti Trivelli
Villa Spalletti Trivelli

After a night or two in Rome you can’t help wishing you could escape the bustle of it all, at least in the evenings — and at Villa Spalletti Trivelli, tucked behind the hilltop Palazzo Quirinale, you can. Guests love the space, the quiet, the high-end comforts, and the practically aristocratic service — it’s hard not to feel like royalty in this classic Roman residence.

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