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Berlin’s Best Hotel Bars

  • Nhow Berlin

    Nhow Berlin

  • The Weinmeister Berlin-Mitte Hotel

    The Weinmeister Berlin-Mitte

  • Das Stue

    Das Stue

  • Ellington Hotel

    Ellington Hotel

  • Hotel de Rome-

    Hotel de Rome

  • Michelberger Hotel

    Michelberger Hotel (Image by James Pfaff)

  • Dormero Hotel Brandenburger Hof

    Dormero Hotel Brandenburger Hof

January, 2014

With its annual Fashion Week underway, Berlin is currently in a state of happy frenzy, with too many shows and can’t-miss parties to choose between. The biggest question on everyone’s mind: where to get a little boozy? Our Berlin-based editor’s got some answers. Because while we may not know who will be wearing what next season (we’ll leave that to our friends at Bread and Butter), we do have a few ideas about where in Berlin the fashion world likes to drink.


Whether you show up in a sparkly miniskirt and stilettos or Chuck Taylors and a beanie, Michelberger wants you. It’s a come-as-you-are kind of place, yet one favored by a young, good-looking crowd talking pop culture and agonizing over the choice between another bottle of Michelberger Booze or some healing Fountain of Youth coconut water.
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If the riotously bright design by Karim Rashid is any kind of an indicator of the crowd at the Nhow (and it is), it’s safe to say the scene isn’t exactly going to be tranquil. And thanks to weekly concerts in the lobby, open-mic nights and live DJ sessions, the Envy Bar really is the envy of other Berliner institutions. Go nhow. (Sorry.)
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Leave the ear-splitting club scene to the kids; for the rest of us there’s the Ellington. Here a night out means a quiet chat with friends, a few classic cocktails and some soothing jazz — maybe a cigar if one is feeling a bit indulgent. The hotel’s regal namesake, after all, had a confident style all his own, with no need for noisy frills.
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Where German actress Jessica Schwarz goes, the beautiful people seem to follow. So it’s no surprise that the Weinmeister’s Schwarz Bar is busy every night. It’s a pleasant mix between scenesters, tuned-in business travelers and passers-by who just want to see what’s behind the graffiti-clad door. And if it’s crowded inside, there’s always room on the roof.
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Dormero Hotel Brandenburger Hof
Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a quiet spot in the heart of the city — no paparazzi to swat away, just good company and some even better riesling? Hotel Brandenburger Hof thought so, too. While the crowd may be a bit younger after the Dormero hotel group took over, the stunning winter garden remains a classic.
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Hotel de Rome
Hotel de Rome is the Coco Chanel of the hotel scene — without a doubt Berlin’s grande dame. It’s got the sort of elegance that never goes out of style, making it an enduring Berlin favorite. Don’t fret the old-school, big-money ambience; when you’re sipping champagne cocktails together on the hotel’s roof, the one percent turn out to be a perfectly lovely bunch.
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Das Stue
By day it feels like just a cozy little living room, but by the time the witching hour rolls around, the Stue’s lounge turns into a party scene that looks like it came straight off the pages of The Great Gatsby. The retro vibe is irresistible, as are the Old Fashioneds.
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