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8 Hotels for Fly Fishing

  • Rio Hermoso

    Rio Hermoso Hotel de Montaña, Argentina

  • Sundance

    Sundance Resort, Utah

  • Echo Valley Ranch and Spa

    Echo Valley Ranch and Spa, British Columbia

  • Solitaire Lodge

    Solitaire Lodge, New Zealand

  • Dunton Hot Springs

    Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

  • Blanket Bay

    Blanket Bay, New Zealand

  • Estancia Cristina

    Estancia Cristina, Argentina

  • Victoria House

    Victoria House, Belize

April, 2013

Some anglers could spend all day wading in a storm drain if the fish were on, but for the rest of us, one of the great pleasures of fly fishing is traveling to the most spectacular reaches of the planet — and all the better if there’s a top-flight fishing lodge involved.


Rio Hermoso Hotel de Montaña
San Martín de los Andes, Argentina — Book the right room and, with a bit of unorthodox technique, you could probably fish from the comfort of the sun-lounger on your private terrace. The Rio Hermoso is literally within casting distance of this seven-room mountain lodge in Argentina’s lake district, a region of snow-capped mountains, virgin forests and enormous ice-blue lakes.
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Sundance Resort
Provo, Utah — Long before he directed a certain famous fly-fishing movie, Robert Redford opened Sundance, his low-impact, high-pleasure eco-retreat in the mountains outside Park City. That it sits on the Provo River, one of the world’s premier trout fisheries, is no accident. Home to some 3,400 fish per square mile, the Provo is positively thick with rainbows, cutthroat and German brown trout.
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Blanket Bay
Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand — Built by an Idaho architect with a passion for angling, Blanket Bay combines the grandeur of the American West’s architectural style and a stunning New Zealand setting on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. The area has everything from large floatable rivers to small mountain lakes for wading, with browns and rainbows that average upwards of three pounds, plus occasional trophy fish caught right outside the lodge.
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Solitaire Lodge
Rotorua, New Zealand — A short distance from the popular resort town of Rotorua, Solitaire Lodge sits above a gorgeous lake of its own: Tarawera, whose calm waters are on view from nearly every vantage point in the lodge. Given the hotel’s lakeside setting in a region that may well be the trout-fishing capital of the world, it goes without saying that Solitaire can put its fly-fishing guests on some excellent water.
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Dunton Hot Springs
Dolores, Colorado — If Dunton’s nine miles of private water on the west branch of the Dolores River are getting more pressure than they used to, it’s not by much. The long-abandoned, century-old gold prospectors’ camp has been converted into a luxurious low-impact resort with just twelve cabins. Unless you count the trout-hungry bears as competition, the cool, clear waters here are practically yours alone.
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Echo Valley Ranch and Spa
Jesmond, British Columbia — Echo Valley Ranch has something for just about every fly-fisherman. There are well-stocked private ponds for practicing beginners; half- and full-day guided trips to nearby Big Bar and Little Big Bar Lakes; longer day-trips to some of BC’s greatest trophy waters, including Bridge Lake, home to large lake trout, rainbows and kokanee salmon; and ambitious excursions to far-flung, little-fished mountain lakes.
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Victoria House
Ambergris Caye, Belize — Victoria House combines a back-to-basics aesthetic with the pleasures of an understated luxury hotel, and they know how to cater to fly-fishermen. The hotel arranges well-organized half- and full-day trips to Belize’s famous salt flats, including Ambergris Caye, whose unusually clear, shallow waters and bright white sandy bottom make it easier to spot the enormous number of tarpon that feed here.
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Estancia Cristina
El Calafate, Argentina — If you like a dose of the sublime with your fly fishing, you won’t be disappointed by Estancia Cristina, set amidst deep blue finger lakes and impossibly tall snowcapped peaks in Patagonia. The wells and slides of the Caterina River at the mouth of Lago Argentino are ideal for rainbow trout, and in February enormous Chinook salmon arrive from the Pacific. Don’t miss the gorgeous hike through Glaciares National Park to Laguna de la Pesca, whose name pretty much speaks for itself.
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