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Hotels for Some Fireside Warmth

  • Seleni Suites

    Seleni Suites, Greece

  • Wanosato

    Wanosato, Japan

  • Murano Resort

    Murano Resort, Paris

  • Taj Boston

    Taj Boston, Massachusetts

  • Hotel Kitzhof Mountain Design Resort

    Hotel Kitzhof Mountain Design Resort, Austria

  • Hotel St. Paul

    Hotel St. Paul, Montreal

  • Au Coin du Feu

    Au Coin du Feu, French Alps

  • Huka Lodge

    Huka Lodge, New Zealand

  • Portrait Suites

    Portrait Suites, Rome

February, 2013

With winter upon us in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to warm up with some of our favorite hotel hearths. Because whether you’re high in the Alps or at the heart of a city, there’s nothing quite like sitting by the fire.


Taj Boston
Boston, Massachusetts — If you’ve ever forgotten to open a chimney flue, swept up a pile of ash, or burned your way through a whole Sunday newspaper trying to light a stubborn log, you might appreciate the fireplace butlers that come with the in-suite fireplaces at the Taj Boston. They’re quite handy with the pokers and tongs, and they manage the whole thing without all the amateur’s grumpy cursing.
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Seleni Suites
Peleponnese, Greece — Seleni is a standout for its modern, high-design fireplaces, a good match with its airy interiors and white-on-white decor. The most striking fireplace looks like the half-open shell of a mussel, suspended from the ceiling, with a little blaze peeking through. In a sunny atrium, the fire’s glow is complemented by views of the Arcadian countryside and the sky above.
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Hotel Kitzhof Mountain Design Resort
Kitzbühel, Austria — Hotel Kitzhof, in the Austrian Alps, is pure mountain kitsch in the best possible way — black-and-white photos of olden-days skiers, an abundance of pine, hunting trophies mounted on the walls. And of course it wouldn’t be complete without a glowing fireplace in the living room, replete with reindeer antlers hanging from the chimney and fireside sheepskin cushions.
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Takayama, Japan — The communal wood-burning hearth at the heart of this eight-room ryokan is about as traditional as a fireplace gets. It’s simply a sunken earthen pit in the center of the guesthouse, an iron cooking vessel hung above the flames and timbers in the ceiling rendered obsidian black after centuries of smoke.
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Murano Resort
Paris, France — A slender eighteen-meter fireplace runs nearly the length of the room in the glass-ceilinged atrium lounge of the Murano, warming up the decidedly modern white-on-white décor.
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Hotel St. Paul
Montreal, Canada — Leave it to a hotelier in Montreal, where the winters are about as frosty as they come, to build one of the most striking fireplaces we’ve ever laid eyes on. The centerpiece of the lobby at Hotel St. Paul is an oversized fireplace made of translucent alabaster which creates an illuminated-from-within effect that must be seen to be believed.
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Au Coin du Feu
Megève, France — No surprise that the rustic Coin du Feu, whose name means “fireside,” has an old-fashioned wood-paneled fireplace that forms the social center of the lodge. After a winter day in the French Alps, glass of wine in hand, it’s the perfect place to warm up.
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Taupo, New Zealand — This unapologetically luxurious lodge on the North Island’s famous Waikato river is like a live-in showroom of beautiful fireplaces. Here’s a massive marble one beneath a trio of imposing hunting trophies, there a gleaming silver woodstove glowing in a living room, and there’s another one outside on the deck, casting just the right glow for an alfresco dinner with views of the countryside.
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Portrait Suites
Rome, Italy — Of all the rich pleasures on offer at this Ferragamo-owned hotel — and there are many — the simplest and best might be the cushy rooftop lounge, where guests can enjoy a fireside cocktail with views of the Spanish Steps.
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