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The Social Hotel of the Future

  • Jovoto Finalist Open Plan

    Open Plan, Rendering 1

  • Jovoto Finalist Open Plan

    Open Plan, Rendering 2

  • Jovoto Finalist Open Plan

    Open Plan, Rendering 3

  • Jovoto Finalist Open Plan

    Open Plan, Rendering 4

  • Jovoto Finalist Open Plan

    Open Plan, Rendering 5

Open-Plan Hotels

Ian Schrager has converted the former Ambassador East, where Phil Collins was once turned away for failing to wear a dinner jacket, into the wide-open, anti-exclusive PUBLIC Chicago.

Tántalo is more than a place for guests to lay their heads. The open-plan restaurant and central atrium invite mingling, while the roof bar is one of the most stylish local hangouts.

It’s more private than social, but with its three-walled suites, open to the view of the verdant Pitons, Jade Mountain takes the whole “open plan” concept rather literally — and to stunning effect.

The NoMad, named for its North of Madison Square Park neighborhood, is helping to reinvent the area, drawing Manhattanites in with a wealth of public dining and drinking space.

January, 2013

After years of cheering from the sidelines for the innovators and the rule-breakers in the hospitality world, we here at Tablet finally decided to throw our hat in the ring. With some help from Jovoto, the Berlin-based creative-collaboration community, we mounted a competition to design the social hotel of the future. Hundreds of architects and designers responded to our brief — to design, with New York City as a setting, a concept that would maximize the hotel’s potential as a site for social interaction.

Our all-star jury of architects, designers and hoteliers spent a great deal of time deliberating over the entries, and in the coming weeks we’ll be introducing you to the winners one by one. First up, though, is the winner of the community prize, as chosen by the contestants themselves: Open Plan, by Andre Pradiktha. This is a case where a smart title goes a long way; Open Plan pretty much says it all. Mr. Pradiktha’s inside-out design is meant to serve as the anchor of “a new Broadway,” marrying a public entertainment space with typical hotel services like a bar, café, restaurant and meeting spaces. The whole thing is open to guests and locals alike — including, if you look closely at the renderings, a tiny Suri Cruise.

Contest judge Rob Wagemans felt that Open Plan’s audaciously public concept merited the big prize, though in the end the rest of the jury differed. Architect Shuwa Tei, another member of the judging panel, singled out Open Plan for its extremely compelling renderings, but felt that it may just have gone too far in a public direction, at the cost of sacrificing the privacy that is still an essential element of the hotel experience: “The next step would be how to change the setting for the guests to enjoy their own time and relaxation.”

Congratulations to Andre Pradiktha, the winner of the community’s vote — and tune in next week, as we continue our countdown of the jury’s selections.

The Winners:
Community Prize: Open Plan, by Andre Pradiktha
Fourth Place: Convergence, by Caroline Fraser and Simon Diesendruck
Third Place: The Match, by Katja Butzke
Second Place: Carry On, New York, by Evan Thompson
First Place: Coming Soon

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