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Hotels for the Locavore

  • Bardessono, Napa Valley

  • Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, England

  • Hotel Spa Mizpe Hayamim, Israel

  • Tenuta Cammarana, Italy

  • Stallmästaregården, Stockholm

  • Rincon del Socorro, Argentina

  • Domaine De Capelongue, France

December, 2012

When you’ve traveled halfway around the world, the last thing you want is a meal you could have had at home. And as long as you’re racking up the air miles, you might as well try to minimize your food miles. These hotels are a locavore’s paradise, serving food grown and raised mostly on the premises.


Napa Valley, California — Yes, the restaurant is supplied by the hotel’s own gardens and the cellar stocked with wines from the on-site vineyard, but here in Yountville, a veritable Milky Way of Michelin stars, you’ll do just as well eating from the neighbors’ gardens — not least Mr. Keller’s down the road.
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Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons Hotel
Oxfordshire, England — Leave it to a Frenchman to create a sought-after hamlet of gastronomy and locavorian splendor in England. Le Manoir’s aux Quat’Saison’s two-acre, 100% organic kitchen-garden is presided over by celebrated chef Raymond Blanc, and includes rare types of lettuces, cloche tunnels for zucchini, a newly planted orchard with indigenous pear and apple varietals, an herb garden and a mushroom valley.
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Hotel Spa Mizpe Hyamim
Rosh Pina, Israel — When it comes to the comestibles, growing the stuff is only the beginning at this working farm near the Sea of Galilee. They also pick, pickle, ferment, dry, skim, bake and pretty much prepare the homegrown food themselves in every conceivable way. It all results in delectable meals at their mostly vegetarian restaurant.
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Tenuta Cammarana
Ragusa, Sicily — The five guest rooms at this 18th-century farmhouse all surround a citrus-filled courtyard, and the gardens and pastures around the hilltop accommodations are more than just decorative; fruit is picked each morning for breakfast, cheese is made from milk from the Modica cows in the pasture, the olive oil homemade from centuries-old trees, and the herbs seasoning the meals match the scent of the air outside.
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Stockholm, Sweden — In the 17th century, Sweden’s Queen Christina used to stop by for an occasional bite at this former stable-master’s farm on a verdant island in the middle of Stockholm. A few ingredients are brought in from offshore, but at least in spirit, it doesn’t get much more local than a dish comprised of reindeer, beetroot, spruce shoots, moss and blueberries.
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Rincon del Socorro
Corrientes, Argentina — Former North Face owner Doug Tompkins took what was once a vast tract of ruined cattle country and turned it into a stunning nature reserve, and this exemplary sustainable estancia — with its own organic veggie garden, free-range meats, and a traditional quincho barbecue hut — showcases the fruits of his labor.
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Domaine De Capelongue
Provence, France — It doesn’t get much more Provençal than this seventeen-room farmhouse-hotel — its fifteen acres of hilltop gardens are bursting with lavender, and its highly decorated chef makes very, very good use of the homegrown ingredients.
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