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8 Hotels with Splurge-Worthy Minibars

  • Mondrian LA

    Mondrian, Los Angeles

  • Trump Intl Tower

    Trump International Hotel & Tower, Chicago

  • Hotel Roemer

    Hotel Roemer, Amsterdam

  • Kerry Pudong

    Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai

  • Buddha-Bar

    Buddha-Bar Hotel, Prague

  • MileNorth

    Hotel Havana, San Antonio

  • The Greenwich Hotel

    The Greenwich Hotel, New York

  • The James

    The James, Chicago

November, 2012

Like Chinatown, SkyMall and Burning Man, the minibar operates on its own special economy. $6 bags of peanut M&Ms, tiny overpriced cans of diet Coke — not impressive. But when you’ve got those late-night munchies, or you just need some retail therapy after a long day of travel, there’s nothing like opening up the in-room fridge and finding an unexpected trove of thoughtfully chosen, truly enticing goodies. Here are eight hotels doing all they can to redeem the humble hotel minibar. 


Los Angeles, California — The Mondrian’s interiors, by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, are a bit mind-bending to start with, and the designer’s Alice in Wonderland–style hand mirrors in the minibar only add to the effect. For further trippiness, there’s also a so-called “minibar for the mind,” full of heady conversation starters.  
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Trump International Hotel & Tower
Chicago, Illinois — If you’re the sort who blurts out “TAP” before a waiter is done asking what kind of water you’d like, you might want to avoid the minibar at the Trump in Chicago. The in-room offerings include a “water library” whose crown jewel is the bottle of Bling H20, which at $25 comes studded with Swarovski crystals. 
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Hotel Roemer
Amsterdam, Netherlands — No, they’re not edible, but the Bread & Boxers–brand his-and-hers undies available alongside complimentary whiskey, vodka and gin make a nice addition to the offerings in your room at Hotel Roemer — and an invaluable consolation if your luggage doesn’t arrive in Amsterdam at the same time you do.
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Kerry Hotel Pudong
Shanghai, China — Plenty of minibars have frosty beverages on offer, but at the Kerry Hotel Pudong they brew their own at the in-house craft brewery. The first couple bottles of IPA and Pils in your fridge are free, and so are all the bar snacks. 
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Buddha-Bar Hotel
Prague, Czech Republic — Is it any surprise that a hotel by Buddha Bar, with its famed nightlife venues around the world, does its name justice with the in-room offerings? The cool Subzero fridges are stocked with a well-chosen selection of wines and Champagnes — perfect for late-night entertaining. 
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Hotel Havana
San Antonio, Texas — There’s nothing mini about the retro Smeg refrigerators in the rooms at Hotel Havana in San Antonio. Inside, they’re well stocked with unpretentious Tex-Mex favorites like Tecate tallboys and chips and salsa, plus higher-end offerings for those who prefer their beverages irony-free.
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Greenwich Hotel
New York, New York — The minibar at the Greenwich Hotel is more like a movie theater concession stand, only here the classic candies (like Cracker Jacks, Jujubes and Charleston Chew) come with the price of the ticket. And just try asking a concessionaire at a movie theater for the Kiki de Montparnasse condoms they stock in your room at the Greenwich. 
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The James
Chicago, Illinois — In place of the normal, humdrum minibar mixers, the James Chicago will deliver a mixing kit bursting with proper cocktail supplies — everything from bitters to Lillet to ginger beer, and plenty more — to accompany the full shelf of premium and artisanal liquors, mixing tools and cocktail recipes in the room. 
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