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Hotels for the Annual Holiday Party

  • Mondrian Soho

    Mondrian Soho, New York

  • Gramercy Park Hotel

    Gramercy Park Hotel, New York

  • Hudson Hotel

    Hudson Hotel, New York

  • The Bowery Hotel

    The Bowery Hotel, New York

  • The Hollywood Roosevelt

    The Hollywood Roosevelt, Los Angeles

  • Viceroy Santa Monica

    Viceroy, Santa Monica

  • Chateau Marmont

    Chateau Marmont, West Hollywood

  • The Standard Downtown LA

    The Standard Downtown LA, Los Angeles

  • Banke Hôtel

    Banke Hôtel, Paris

  • Pershing Hall

    Pershing Hall, Paris

  • The Saint James Paris

    The Saint James, Paris

  • Jules & Jim

    Jules & Jim, Paris

  • Belgraves - A Thompson Hotel

    Belgraves – A Thompson Hotel, London

  • Town Hall Hotel & Apartments

    Town Hall Hotel & Apartments, London

  • Charlotte Street Hotel

    Charlotte Street Hotel, London

  • Boundary

    Boundary, London

November, 2012

From New York to Los Angeles, London to Paris, ’tis the season for the annual company holiday party, and the setting can make or break the festive mood. There’s no need to bother with an awkward conference-room mixer when your favorite Tablet hotel can throw you a proper holiday bash.


Mondrian Soho
New York, New York — With Benjamin Noriega Ortiz’s interior design (inspired by Jean Cocteau’s surreal 1946 version of Beauty and the Beast), Mondrian Soho always feels whimsical and festive. It’s a mood that works particularly well during the holidays, especially against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline’s twinkling lights.
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Gramercy Park Hotel
New York, New York — A little winter greenery — a Christmas tree, some mistletoe — can go a long way, and a lot of winter greenery is even better. Here you’ll find it in the indoor-outdoor Gramercy Terrace, which with its retractable glass roof and profusion of plant life has the feel of a greenhouse set seventeen stories above the city. Throw in food by Danny Meyer and art by the likes of Warhol and Hirst, and you’ve got one of New York’s most sought-after party venues.
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Hudson Hotel
New York, New York — For the holiday season, Hudson Hotel has turned its Private Park restaurant and bar into a warm winter lodge, complete with twinkling lights strung from the glass ceiling, rustic alpine-style furniture and piles of sheepskins for sinking into. Hot boozy beverages and hearty comestibles like fondue and chili round out the seasonal scene.
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The Bowery Hotel
New York, New York — The Bowery Hotel’s second floor, with its vintage fabrics, opulent furnishings, private entrance and room for up to 600 guests, has hosted everything from film premiere parties to fashion shows. An enormous tiled fireplace makes the space especially inviting when the temperatures drop. For a stylish downtown Manhattan holiday party venue, it’s a tough one to beat.
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The Hollywood Roosevelt
Hollywood, California — For a Hollywood party, the venue that hosted the first Academy Awards ceremony certainly comes with a bit of cred. But really, that’s just the beginning; the revamped Roosevelt is also home to a cabana-ringed pool painted by David Hockney, a bar that’s something of a celebrity hangout, and a top-floor penthouse with sweeping views of Los Angeles (and space for some 150 guests).
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Viceroy Santa Monica
Santa Monica, California — With festive pops of green practically everywhere you look (not least the green glow through the translucent glass at the unmarked entrance), party spaces ranging from an intimate library to sprawling patios with poolside cabanas, and a beachside setting in Santa Monica, it would be awfully hard to throw a less-than-jolly holiday party at the Viceroy.
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Chateau Marmont
West Hollywood, California — Sure, you won’t be the first guest to party at Chateau Marmont, but if past results are any indicator of future performance, you won’t be disappointed by this legendary hotel — or its legendarily discreet service. Even if present company is dull, the ghosts of Hollywood’s most accomplished merry-makers will still be there to keep you company.
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The Standard Downtown
Los Angeles, California — For some retro-futuristic reveling, trade in an afternoon with your local mall’s Santa for an evening at The Standard Downtown LA’s rooftop lounge, where red-suited waitresses serve cocktails surrounded by the panorama of downtown skyscrapers. The rooftop bar’s astroturf, topiary gardens and waterbed loungers have helped transform the area’s once-sleepy after-hours scene, and ought to improve any seasonal celebration.
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Banke Hôtel
Paris, France — As soon as you walk into the lobby at the Banke Hôtel — created from the marbled and mosaic’d rotunda of a former bank, decorated with gold sofas and massive contemporary chandeliers — you’ll know you’re in for a lavish celebration.
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Pershing Hall Hotel
Paris, France — Pershing Hall is a minimalist modern hotel, but in contrast to the typical sterile white-on-white style which, as Pershing’s designer puts it, “makes you feel like you’re in a refrigerator,” the spaces here merge simplicity and warmth. With an inner courtyard covered in tropical foliage, and food by a student of Alain Ducasse, it’s a quintessentially Parisian party venue that isn’t stuck in the past.
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The Saint James, Paris
Paris, France — For an air of exclusivity about your holiday party, how about a freestanding house — a neoclassical mansion that’s almost a country-style château in the middle of the city — surrounded by a walled garden? From the library bar to the gorgeous dining room to the garden itself, there’s no shortage of venues for an extravagant celebration.
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Jules & Jim
Paris, France — Standing in contrast to the high-gloss luxury of many of Paris’s other top hotels is the bohemian-modern Jules & Jim in the Marais. The cozy bar and library doubles as a music venue and opens into the courtyard, so you can gather a band for some holiday music, or escape outside should your inner grinch tire of the seasonal cheer.
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Belgraves – A Thompson Hotel
London, England — Set in the embassy district near Sloane Square, Belgraves takes the New York–based Thompson Hotel group’s smashingly successful American style and gives it a West London twist. There’s a bit of a mid-century Mad Men influence to the design, but the party spaces, not least the unpretentious library bar, is a world away from your typical office conference room.
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Town Hall Hotel & Apartments
London, England — Town Hall’s seasonal feasts (by Michelin-starred chef Nuno Mendes) would sate even the hungriest Santa, with dishes like chestnut soup with house-cured bacon and pork dumpling, or milk porridge ice cream with spiced oat powder and sage butter caramel. To top things off, the hotel is hosting performers playing the half-beast, half-tree Clanimals of Hackney, to provide some extra holiday cheer.
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Charlotte Street Hotel
London, England — With the right colleagues, your holiday party could feel more like a literary salon at Charlotte Street Hotel, which takes its cues from the Bloomsbury set: Virginia and Leonard Woolf, EM Forster, Roger Fry… It’s a modern-day celebrity favorite, too, but with its genuine English-bohemian warmth, it’s just as fun for the intelligent working stiff taking a holiday break.
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London, England — At any time of year, Shoreditch’s Boundary is as much a social space as a place to lay one’s head. Options for the holiday party abound, from a private dinner in the hotel’s elegant dining room to a tutored wine tasting (always good for holiday cheer) to an appropriately local cottage pie supper in the modern British “caff.”
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