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Hotels for the Annual Man-Trip

  • San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge, Dolomites

  • Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

  • Titilaka, Peru

  • Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, British Columbia

  • Llao Llao Hotel & Resort, Argentine Patagonia

  • Ventana Inn & Spa, Big Sur

  • Treetops, New Zealand

October, 2012

Plenty of hotels cater to the well-rounded gentleman’s feminine side, but sometimes even the modern man needs to round up a posse of worldly roughnecks, head to the woods and do a little chest-thumping — with indoor plumbing and a wet bar, of course. 


San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge
San Lorenzo, Italy — For the genteel outdoorsman, this converted (but not too converted) South Tyrolian hunting lodge is available one party at a time — so you and your fortunate friends have the outdoor excursions, plus those views of castle spires peeking through the greenery of the Badia Valley, all to yourselves.
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Dunton Hot Springs
Dolores, Colorado — Dunton Hot Springs, in remote southwestern Colorado, is no less than an entire authentic ghost town, an abandoned century-old gold prospectors’ camp renovated shack by shack into twelve surprisingly luxurious hand-hewn log cabins. Strike out on foot, snow-shoe, horseback, virtually any way you like — just don’t stay indoors.
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Lake Titicaca, Peru — Stifle your giggles, boys. Lake Titicaca is one of the largest, deepest, highest bodies of water on earth, long a place of pilgrimage for the serious backpacker. At Titilaka, you’re greeted on arrival and escorted by Land Rover and speedboat to the secluded hotel.
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Echo Valley Ranch & Spa
Jesmond, British Columbia — Whether you’ve spent the day in a saddle, casting for salmon or panning for gold in the Fraser River, you’ll be ready by evening to fuel up on hearty ranch fare and settle into a luxe log cabin. Echo Valley Ranch is pure Wild West.
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Llao Llao Hotel & Resort
San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina — Patagonia is practically synonymous with a certain sort of worldly outdoorsman, and Llao Llao, set between Lakes Moreno and Nahuei Huapi with snowcapped peaks above, is known for superior trout fishing, nearby skiing and on-site golf.
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Ventana Inn & Spa
Big Sur, California — It may look like the sort of place you go for a honeymoon, but in many ways Big Sur is still the wild California coast where Henry Miller lived, where Kerouac slept on the beach and where Dylan came to study. Ventana’s 243 acres offer excellent hiking, plus hallucinatory views of the Pacific below.
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Rotorua, New Zealand — Set deep in an ancient rainforest, overlooking remote Lake Rotorua, on 2,000 acres that are positively thick with animal life, Treetops offers just about every imaginable outdoor activity — not least hunting, trout fishing and hiking, all with the optional aid of a helicopter.
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