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9 Hotels for Music Lovers

  • Sunset Marquis, Los Angeles

  • Hotel Opera, Madrid

  • Alexis Hotel, Seattle

  • Ellington Hotel, Berlin

  • Hotel Saint Cecilia, Austin

  • The Setai, Miami

  • The Clarence, Dublin

  • Nhow, Berlin

  • Ace Hotel, New York

October, 2012

Any decent hotel these days comes with an iPod connector, but for a more immersive musical experience, it’s time to see a specialist. Here are nine hotels where the sounds are as important as the sights.


Sunset Marquis
Los Angeles, California — There’s a state-of-the-art recording studio if you want to make some music, and a legendary bar if you’re better at partying like a frontman than singing like one. The guest book reads like a who’s who of rock-and-roll history.
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Hotel Opera
Madrid, Spain — Sure, the Royal Opera is right across the street from the hotel, but you don’t have to leave the premises for a performance. The waiters at Hotel Opera’s English-style bar deliver full-throated arias along with the cocktails.
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Alexis Hotel
Seattle, Washington — For Seattle music cred, it doesn’t get much better than the ringing endorsement that the hotel’s Experience Music Project Suite got from a member of Nirvana. Blown-up concert photos and classic album covers on the walls only add to the appeal for rock-history obsessives.
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Ellington Hotel
Berlin, Germany — Yes, that would be Duke Ellington, one of many jazz greats to frequent the hotel’s famous club during the ’50s. You can still catch the occasional show, while every evening Berlin’s internationally acclaimed JazzRadio 106.8 sets up its studio right by the bar.
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Hotel Saint Cecilia
Austin, Texas — Austin is a bastion of indie rock in the vast Texan desert, and the Saint Cecilia, named after the patron saint of music and poetry, brings the music home with a library of vintage vinyl.
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The Setai
Miami, Florida — Even the most demanding diva ought to be impressed by the Setai’s penthouse suite. It features an enormous, fully tricked-out recording studio complete with ocean views and a private outdoor patio.
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The Clarence
Dublin, Ireland — Owned by Bono and The Edge of U2, The Clarence is capped by a rockstar-caliber penthouse that features a baby grand piano. Despite an extravagance here and a famous guest there, the overall tone is one of tasteful restraint.
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Nhow Berlin
Berlin, Germany — If Berlin’s creative energy sparks some musical inspiration, book a session in one of Nhow Berlin’s two studios and lay down some tracks where you lay your head.
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Ace Hotel New York
New York, New York — They’ve got vintage turntables and a vinyl library for the old-school audiophiles, plus the requisite iPod hookups for those of us who’ve gone digital, but more than any gadget it’s about atmosphere: the Ace just feels rock-and-roll.
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