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9 Hotels for Rooftop Cocktails

  • Boundary, London

  • Hotel Americano, New York

  • The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Singapore

  • ME Madrid, Spain

  • Drake Hotel, Ontario

  • Petit Ermitage, West Hollywood

  • Continentale, Florence

  • Limes Hotel, Brisbane

  • Hotel Unique, São Paulo

August, 2012

Whether it’s the fresh air, the towering views or the refreshing libation in hand, life at the top – the rooftop, that is – is good. Here are nine hotels whose enviable rooftops draw the crowd, and whose cocktails keep them hanging around.


London, England — In London a rooftop lounge is by no means a standard amenity, but the Boundary’s al fresco offering comes complete with heaters, a generous canopy-covered area and Welsh blankets, not to mention a cocktail that includes that chill-relieving English staple: Earl Grey tea.
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Hotel Americano
New York, New York — With sweeping views of the Hudson River and the High Line park, the rooftop at Manhattan’s Hotel Americano makes for prime people-watching over a sunset cocktail. The focus is on tequila, a nod to Grupo Habita’s Mexican heritage.
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The Fullerton Bay Hotel
Singapore — By night, the rooftop pool deck transforms into the fittingly named Lantern Bar, surrounded by the city’s gently glowing lights. The fresh fruit cocktails, featuring a few tropical rarities, put a new twist on the classic mojito menu.
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ME Madrid
Madrid, Spain — It’s not the tallest rooftop on the list, but you can still glimpse the occasional Spanish star at ME Madrid’s Penthouse Bar, by nightlife maven Rande Gerber. The drink of choice, Serendipity, promises a ‘provocative’ mix of ginger and vodka.
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Drake Hotel
Toronto, Canada — Not just anyone can pop up to Sky Yard, the guests-only pop-up bar on the roof of the Drake Hotel. The theme changes every few months, along with the cocktail list. For this summer, check out the refreshing Lavender Lemonade.
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Petit Ermitage
West Hollywood, California — Guests of top Angeleno hotels are no strangers to nice pools, but the saltwater one here, surrounded by private cabanas and gardens, is an unrivaled oasis. Combined with the signature Catcher in the Rye cocktail, an old-fashioned with a twist, it’s an instant Hollywood classic.
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Florence, Italy — High above the crowds of the Ponte Vecchio, atop the Consorti Tower, the Continentale’s sofa-lined terrace offers views of the River Arno and the countryside beyond. With a glass of prosecco in hand, the vita is as bella as ever.
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Limes Hotel
Brisbane, Australia — Despite its stylistic singularity in Brisbane, the cosmopolitan Limes Hotel is an instant hit — thanks in part to its rooftop martini bar, featuring crowd-pleasers like an al fresco cinema series and the popular Ginger Watermelon Martini.
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Hotel Unique
São Paulo, Brazil — Hotel Unique’s rooftop lounge, with its bright crimson pool and its underwater sound system, does its best to live up to the name. Throw in a weekend DJ and some of the city’s best skyline views and there’s no better spot to sip a cucumber martini.
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