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10 Hotels for a Good Night's Sleep

  • Burj Al Arab, Dubai

  • Hotel Villa Magna, Madrid

  • The Soho Hotel, London

  • The Surrey, New York

  • Park Hyatt, Tokyo

  • Hôtel Gabriel Paris Marais, Paris

  • The Oberoi Amarvilas, India

  • Hotel Saint Cecilia, Austin

  • La Reve Hotel & Spa, Mexico

  • The Liaison Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.

July, 2012

Some people book it for the view, others for the tub, but it’s the intrepid traveler who knows that the single most important room amenity is the bed. Here are ten hotels whose beds guarantee you’ll sleep tight.


Burj Al Arab
Dubai, United Arab Emirates — It was, until quite recently, the tallest hotel building in the world, and it lays claim to no fewer than seven stars — so is it any surprise that the Burj Al Arab’s Swedish-made Dux beds are packed with twice as many springs as the typical hotel bed?
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Hotel Villa Magna
Madrid, Spain — Soft linens, a crisp duvet and a sink-in cozy mattress will have you wishing you were more jet-lagged — add to that the Spanish custom of heavy blackout curtains, combined with a tolerant day-sleeping culture, and you’re in for a record-breaking slumber.
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The Soho Hotel
London, England — Soho is better known as a place for staying out late, but The Soho Hotel’s bedrooms make a compelling case for an evening spent in — the massively comfortable beds start with Tempur-Pedic mattresses and finish with custom Kemp-designed bedding.
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The Surrey
New York, New York — That whole “city that never sleeps” thing doesn’t quite apply to the Upper East Side. Here it’s more like “the city that enjoys eight solid hours of Nature’s sweet restorer,” thanks to The Surrey’s Sferra linens and Duxiana mattresses.
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Park Hyatt
Tokyo, Japan — If you’ve seen Lost in Translation, you’ve seen the Park Hyatt’s sumptuous king beds — who can forget the famous opening scene, a lingering close-up on the plush down duvets, the Egyptian cotton linens and the phenomenal views of the city skyline?
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Hôtel Gabriel Paris Marais
Paris, France — For those of us who need a little bit of help in the sleep department, the Gabriel offers a high-tech solution: the NightCove “sleep companion” uses subtle sounds and colored light (or your own favorite songs) to lull the body into a deep, soothing sleep.
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The Oberoi Amarvilas
Agra, India — Take note, before you fall asleep, of the exquisitely crafted four-poster beds with their mountains of pillows and their bedside tiger-skin rugs — because when you wake you’re likely to be ever so slightly distracted by your view of the Taj Mahal.
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Hotel Saint Cecilia
Austin, Texas — Considering the social scene — most nights the Hotel Saint Cecilia’s garden bar is the only place to be in South Austin — it’s surprisingly easy to get a good night’s sleep. Those Hästens handmade mattresses, it turns out, are worth every penny.
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La Reve Hotel & Spa
Playa del Carmen, Mexico — With a name like Le Reve Hotel & Spa you’d expect them to take sleeping very seriously indeed, and they certainly do. Book a bungalow with a king-size canopy bed and a front-row view of the beach for the ultimate in Caribbean dreaming.
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The Liaison Capitol Hill
Washington, D.C. — Whether or not it’s meant to be that sort of liaison is entirely up to the guest. In any event, the Liaison places a premium on the overnight comforts; the mattresses bear the Affinia signature, and the pillow menu offers something for every slumberer.
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