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Color Theory

9 Cheerful and Colorful Hotels
  • Semiramis Hotel, Athens

  • Hotel Missoni Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Crosby Street Hotel, New York

  • Lords South Beach Hotel, Miami

  • Saguaro Palm Springs, California

  • Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore

  • Salvator Hotel Villas & Spa, Greece

  • Dar Hi, Tunisia

  • Capo La Gala Hotel, Amalfi Coast

February, 2012

Tangerine, aquamarine, shocking pink and shamrock green. Is there a treatment more effective in chasing off any remaining winter doldrums than a course of color therapy? With these nine cheery hotels, we’ve given it our best shot.


Semiramis Hotel
Athens, Greece — Where monochrome white is the national norm, the Semiramis stands out for its generous helpings of day-glo colors, courtesy of maximalist designer Karim Rashid.
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Hotel Missoni Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland — Leave it to the Italians to bring a dose of Mediterranean optimism to the shores of Scotland. Hotel Missoni has an eye-popping color scheme, plus the signature zigs and zags.
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Crosby Street Hotel
New York, New York — Kit Kemp’s bright colors and eclectic décor are a deviation from the norm in New York, where residents, though otherwise quite tolerant, tend to be strictly monochromous.
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Lords South Beach Hotel
Miami, Florida — Florida has a famously upbeat palette, but Lords is on the less cloying end of the spectrum; flamingo pink is banished, replaced by cornflower yellow and bold aquamarine.
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Saguaro Palm Springs
Palm Springs, California — Fun is what this town is all about, and the new Saguaro Palm Springs sets the mood, its joyful message visible for miles thanks to the colors of its rainbow-spanning façade.
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Wanderlust Hotel
Singapore — While the public spaces of Wanderlust employ a subtler color strategy, check into one of the ten Pantone rooms and you’ll be treated to rich hues from floor to ceiling.
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Salvator Hotel Villas & Spa
Parga, Greece — Aegean blue is the standby accent color on the islands, but in Parga, a hillside town on Greece’s northwest coast, bold strokes of olive green mirror the lush landscape.
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Dar Hi
Nefta, Tunisia — Outside Dar Hi appears to be a conservative player, but inside it’s a different story. Brilliant shades of aqua, orange and yellow are evidence of Matali Crasset’s eccentric side.
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Capo La Gala Hotel
Amalfi Coast, Italy — When all that white and navy starts to feel too typical for a seaside vacation, in steps Capo La Gala, whose twist on the maritime theme feels polished but casual.
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